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Coping With a Sexless Pregnancy

By Holly Whitney |

Would you be happy or sad if your doctor said no sex for the duration of your pregnancy?

Forget those six weeks after giving birth that doctor says you cannot have sex. Those six weeks are a welcome relief in my opinion with all the adjusting to a newborn, sleepless nights, sensitive lady bits or post surgery pain that you are experiencing. I’m okay with those six weeks.

Two weeks ago my doctor told me that I was not allowed to have sex for the rest of my pregnancy. Not only that, but I’m not allowed to even orgasm for the rest of my pregnancy.

That is no sex or orgasms at all for the next four months!

Now to some that might be a welcome relief. “Sorry honey, doctor’s orders.” That is not the case for me.

For one thing being pregnant causes me to have crazy erotic dreams. I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to jump my husband right then and there. I haven’t forgotten them by the morning and those delicious sexual visions linger in my mind the rest of the day. If I couldn’t have sex with my husband I could take care of business on my own—but not anymore.

Another thing is that sex feels extra good while pregnant. Again, I know this is not the case for all women. In my case I’m less self conscious about my body when pregnant. So what if my belly is big and bulgy? I’m creating a life inside me and I am beautiful. If missionary style is uncomfortable with that belly in the way then it is all the more reason to be on top which is a good thing. Once my boobs get past the don’t-touch-them-they-hurt stage the sensitivity factor just heightens the whole experience.

Plus, no worries about birth control when having sex while pregnant.

It’s a win all around.

But two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa and my doctor said sex and orgasms are off limits for the rest of the pregnancy. I often have people sympathize with my husband when I tell them this but what about me? At least he can still have an orgasm if he wants to.

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Holly Whitney

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0 thoughts on “Coping With a Sexless Pregnancy

  1. Stephanie S. says:

    You poor dear! I agree, the six weeks after birth is necessary for recovery, but getting the no go months before is a bummer! I also totally agree with one of the best parts of being pregnant is having 100% protection from getting pregnant ^.^. Good luck, sending you virtual hugs and cookies!

  2. Tracy says:

    I know the feelin i have been on bed rest since 24 weeks.. No sex or orgams at all for the rest of mine.. Doctor dont think i will make it full term with her.. At 35 weeks with my son was when doc. Told me no sex but i could still have a orgams.. So me goin this early sucks but its best for our baby girl. Im know 28 weeks and i had 2 steriod shots at 24 weeks cuz i almost had her.. I have to take pills to stop my contractions cuz im in pain and have them alot.. She is head down and right on my cervix…

  3. Amanda says:

    You poor thing! I think you deserve tons of sympathy! Four months without so much as a self-induced O? That’s truly terrible, especially in the second/early third trimesters, which I also find incredibly erotic and high-response. Might you get a second opinion?!

  4. Rint says:

    I understand…I had complications @ three months and was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy…Dr. said I lost a twin…NO sex on top of that had to wear a kotex the who time…I was miserable….but had a healthy baby girl 9lbs. 9oz.

  5. Cole says:

    I went on bedrest @ 29 weeks and spent the next 5 weeks in the hospital before I had my son the another month living there while he was in NICU…and before the bedrest sex was incredibly painful…but that didn’t stop the sex dreams and being horny all the time!! Even after the 6 week no sex rule it was still pretty painful…I feel for ya!!! Just keep thinking what I did…healthy baby as close to term as possible!!! Good luck!!

  6. Holly Whitney says:

    Stephanie—Not having to worry about birth control was such a great addition to pregnancy sex!

    Tracy—Sending positive thoughts your way that she stays put for another 12 weeks.

    Amanda—I’m definitely going to have another chat with my doctor about this no self-induced O thing. It just seems cruel and unusual.

    Rint—Having a healthy baby is the most important part of it all anyway, right?

    Cole—Why must the sex dreams be SO vivid? Ugh.

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