Countdown To Baby: Battening Down The Hatches


One of the pluses of the scheduled C section is knowing when it’s going to go down. But that can also be a minus, because having a hard, fast deadline can sometimes add to the stress. When you’re waiting to go into labor, there’s always the chance that you’ll have more days than you expect, and as unpleasant as those post-dates can be, the extra time to prepare can pay off in some ways.

My sister’s looking at one of those hard deadlines next week, and her prep anxiety is definitely in high gear. But it seems, too, like she’s got a really healthy sense of what she can control and what she can’t. She wrote a related post on her blog that really nails that pre-baby feeling:

What I find interesting is how I keep thinking back to tiny little things that I feel I must have, despite the fact that they’ll probably be unnecessary, or I can use something else in it’s place. I’m talking about things like Mrs. Meyer’s baby stain remover soap, which I’ve been searching for everywhere, and have yet to find. I simply want it because of the smell and I’m sure the other stain removers I have will work just as well, but it’s almost like I want the smell to bring me back to that difficult time, like I’m supposed to be there.

The same is true for the hospital. I can’t wait to drink the ‘special’ juice concoction the postpartum nurses bring me. I’m quite sure it’s is frozen orange and cranberry juice from concentrate mixed with water and lots of ice, but still it is one of the things I feel I must have in order to survive my post baby recovery.

read the whole post here.

I remember that swell of emotions right before my babies’ births. It was more intense the second time, both because I was worried about how my relationship with my older child would change and because I knew what I was getting myself into. But it was also easier, because I wasn’t nearly as freaked. The early days were still crazy, but the craziness faded sooner into something less like insanity and more like everyday weirdness. We’re all headed out west later this week to help her with the transition and see the new little one after arrival. I will keep you posted between attempts to be a useful sister in the newborn mayhem.

photo: Torsten Mangner/flickr

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