Counting Down to Elvie

Today is the big day. A friend will arrive shortly to take us to the airport, and we’ll be on our way. We bought our plane tickets twenty-three days ago. On that day, we were so excited to finally have a departure date. It seemed like twenty-three days would never pass, but in the end they went flying by with a giant WHOOSH. And here we are, bags packed and ready to go, bellies full of breakfast from our favorite bakery down the street.

Time is still a confusing concept for Zinashi, and originally I made a countdown sign to help her understand how long it would be before we would leave. A few days in, however, it became fun for me, too. I liked watching each day pass, crossing off another number to take us one day closer to Elvie. I posted a photo of Zinashi holding our countdown sign each day on Instagram, and today I put them all together in a slideshow. When we get home, I’ll be ordering prints to put in a little album for Elvie, so she will know how excited we were to finally get to go to her. For now, we’ll share here, so you can feel the excitement build with us.


  • 23 Days to Go 1 of 24
    23 Days to Go
    The day we bought our plane tickets, Zinashi was confused about how long it would be until we could get on the plane to meet her baby sister, so I made a little countdown sign for her.
  • 22 Days to Go 2 of 24
    22 Days to Go
    This is a Zinashi signature funny face.
  • 21 Days to Go 3 of 24
    21 Days to Go
    At that point, three weeks seemed like an incredibly short amount of time.
  • 20 Days to Go 4 of 24
    20 Days to Go
    I'm going to have to dress both my girls in matching red tops with giant red hair bows to match.
  • 19 Days to Go 5 of 24
    19 Days to Go
    Hitting the teens, feeling silly.
  • 18 Days to Go 6 of 24
    18 Days to Go
    She just wanted to study the numbers, as if it would make the time go faster.
  • 17 Days to Go 7 of 24
    17 Days to Go
    We had to be up at a decent time that morning, and we are not morning people. This is Zinashi's tired face. I expect to see quite a lot of it on our trip, but I don't mind. The tired face is cute.
  • 16 Days to Go 8 of 24
    16 Days to Go
    Wearing a blanket as a scarf. After a certain number of countdown photos, you've got to dig deep to come up with a new look.
  • 15 Days to Go 9 of 24
    15 Days to Go
    To tired to pose with the sign. She rarely falls asleep during nap time anymore, but we have been so busy getting things done for Elvie's arrival that she just couldn't help herself.
  • 14 Days to Go 10 of 24
    14 Days to Go
    Two weeks, closing the gap. This is one of my favorites. She looks so content and relaxed.
  • 13 Days to Go 11 of 24
    13 Days to Go
    This is the point at which pajamas started making regular appearances in the countdown.
  • 12 Days to Go 12 of 24
    12 Days to Go
    She can't be bothered to show her face. Talk to the sign.
  • 11 Days to Go 13 of 24
    11 Days to Go
    Some days Zinashi wakes up talking and just can't stop. This is one of those days.
  • 10 Days to Go 14 of 24
    10 Days to Go
    Look how tall and confident she looks! What a fine big sister she'll be.
  • 9 Days to Go 15 of 24
    9 Days to Go
    I love this grin. I hope to see grins like this from Elvie soon.
  • 8 Days to Go 16 of 24
    8 Days to Go
    Another signature silly face -- Zinashi's specialty.
  • 7 Days to Go 17 of 24
    7 Days to Go
    A week is not long.
  • 6 Days to Go 18 of 24
    6 Days to Go
    Considering the small number of days, dreaming of all the injera that will be available to her at every meal in Ethiopia.
  • 5 Days to Go 19 of 24
    5 Days to Go
    Here come the pajamas again! Some days there was just too much to do to bother getting dressed.
  • 4 Days to Go 20 of 24
    4 Days to Go
    Say WHAT?!
  • 3 Days to Go 21 of 24
    3 Days to Go
    It's getting real.
  • 2 Days to Go 22 of 24
    2 Days to Go
    I'm pretty sure we both wore pajamas well past noon on this day. We were both feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of getting packed and getting on an airplane so soon.
  • 1 Day to Go 23 of 24
    1 Day to Go
    After a long night, we both woke up happy. We packed our bags and walked our errands. With one day to go, life was grand.
  • Zero Days to Go! 24 of 24
    Zero Days to Go!
    Bags are packed, cats are fed, and all we need now is a ride to the airport. Elvie, we are coming for you!


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