Readers Respond: What's the Silliest Thing You Cried Over While Pregnant?

I can still remember the moment to this day. It was over 6 years ago, and my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child. We were in that dreaded 2-week waiting zone — nearing the end of it — where any day we could test.

About 2 days before “test day,” I was watching television and a commercial came on for some washer and dryer set … that now came in color. I started bawling, thinking that was, like, the greatest idea ever. I am not a crier, and in that moment my husband (while trying to hold back insane laughter) looked at me and declared I was pregnant (he was right).

Pregnancy made me emotional — so far from what I am usually like. I cried over everything. It was comforting to know I was not the only one who had this symptom of pregnancy. I guess the rush of hormones will do that to you. That commercial was the silliest thing I have ever cried over, hands down. We asked around to find out what the silliest thing you all cried over while you were pregnant.  Click through to read your answers!

  • Cheeseburger 1 of 15
    "A cheeseburger ... or lack thereof." -Myia
    Image: Grant Cochrane
  • Frog 2 of 15
    "Someone ran over a frog!" -Brittany
    Image: Simon Howden
  • Manners 3 of 15
    "Someone at Starbucks said good morning really nicely, and I started to tear up. Crazy." -Kimberly
    Image: graur codrin
  • Credit Card Commercial 4 of 15
    Credit Card Commercial
    "A credit card commercial where a dad looked back on the girl's childhood on her wedding day." -Rachael
    Image: Salvatore Vuono
  • Bookmark 5 of 15
    "A bookmark falling out of my book." -Missy
    Image: dan
  • Everything 6 of 15
    "The real question here is what stupid thing did I NOT cry over? I cried over everything!" -Bethany
    Image: Stuart Miles
  • I Needed It 7 of 15
    I Needed It
    "My husband let someone get in line ahead of us at the ice cream shop, and I started crying." -Aurora
    Image: nuchylee
  • Ice Cubes! 8 of 15
    Ice Cubes!
    "Running out of ice cubes." -Jessica
    Image: twobee
  • Overwhelmed 9 of 15
    "The house being a mess. I just didn't know where to start. I was so upset I cried." -Elise
    Image: Bill Longsha
  • The Car Wouldn’t Close 10 of 15
    The Car Wouldn't Close
    "I cried because I couldn't reach to close the car door when I got in it." -Myss
    Image: sixninepixels
  • Misplaced 11 of 15
    "I cried when I couldn't find the cordless phone. Then realized that I was talking on it." -Diana
    Image: David Castillo Dominicie
  • It Was Tragic 12 of 15
    It Was Tragic
    "Not being able to tie my shoes. At that moment it was tragic." -Joanna
    Image: Stuart Miles
  • The Dishes 13 of 15
    The Dishes
    "Once I cried about having to do dishes so I could use one of the pots. Once I did do them, it wasn't even the dish I needed and I cried again for having to go through all that for nothing and I was tired and hungry. I knew it was silly while I was doing it but couldn't stop it." -Candy
    Image: Stuart Miles
  • Got Me Everytime 14 of 15
    Got Me Everytime
    "Cottenelle commercials and Charmin." - Sarah
    Image: YouTube
  • It Fell to the Floor 15 of 15
    It Fell to the Floor
    "I was drinking water, and the cap for the bottle fell on the floor. I burst into tears." -Amani
    Image: Sarunyu_foto

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