Cute Birth Announcements Round II


birth announcements I was surprised when I was looking through my past posts that I had only done one about birth announcements. It seems like everyday I come across another one that I love (I have a thing for pretty paper goods) and couldn’t help but share my recent finds. I’m pretty sure you’ll fancy them too.

  • Ralph 1 of 10
    I love the hand lettering and grey and mustard yellow color combo. From Meg Gleason.
  • Anneli 2 of 10
    Gorgeous illustrated typography. From Jessica Hische.
  • Hazel Joy 3 of 10
    Hazel Joy
    You can't go wrong with letterpress polka dots. From Angela Hardison.
  • Maeve 4 of 10
    A sweet letterpress silhouette. From Karly Depew.
  • Welcome 5 of 10
    Clean and simple. From YellowHat Studios.
  • Hawk 6 of 10
    Neither the husband or wife who created these had any watercolor experience but they turned out great. From Heather Mildenstein.
  • Maxwell 7 of 10
    Cute flags and stripes. From Sideshow Press.
  • Matthew 8 of 10
    "This child brought to you by the Peters family" was printed on the envelope of this one. From Allan Peters.
  • Miriam 9 of 10
    A sweet owl theme with a patterned envelope liner. From Bonnie of Tenn Hens.
  • Shepard 10 of 10
    I love the bright red and blue. From Mattson Creative.


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