Scandinavian Dad Wears Baby, Ladies Go Wild

heja, heja

The comments on this youtube video– which is nothing more than a simple baby sling-wearing demo– include, “This is my favorite video,” “This video was a lifesaver for me,” “Fatherhood is sexy!!” and “Wow, heja heja!”

I’m not what that last means because I don’t speak Norwegian but I’m pretty sure it translates to hubba, hubba.

Check it out:



What’s amazing about this video other than the obvious cuteness of the dad, is that it’s actually an excellent demo. Getting these slings on can be complicated the first time you try. There are countless other demos but somehow the Scandinavians always know how to make everything so simple and gorgeous.

So, expectant dudes, go out there and get yourself a sling! Baby wearing is hot.

I’m not sure if you can get this exact baby wrap in the States but you can definitely get a similar one like this Boba wrap.

Thanks to the Invisible Midwives for tipping me to this great video!

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