Cuteness Alert: Little Giraffe Leggies (Win 3 Pairs!)


I couldn’t agree with Little Giraffe more every time I read their motto, “Little Giraffe is LOVE.” Honestly, there is no better way to put it because it is, just that – LOVE. Every time Little Giraffe comes out with something new, I get excited! I know, it’s a baby product addition thing I have going on. But, it’s also because Little Giraffe is one of my absolute favorite companies in the Littles world. No they aren’t paying me to say this. Seriously, the minute I snuggle my Littles up in their luxurious baby blankets, they fall asleep in minutes. But anyway – enough with my love affair with Little Giraffe. However, I will confess my love for my latest fab find. 

Little Giraffe’s new “Leggies” baby legwarmers are the simply amazing. Not to mention, a perfect and oh-so-cute addition to their Spring 2012 line. Made of silky-soft feather yarn {a softness I just can’t explain} they are mix and match which I just love. Having a newborn born in the Fall is hard time because even though it’s Fall, the temps are still in transition and it still can be quite warm. This is why the Leggies are perfect! They keep your Little warm yet they still have room to the breath if you are heading home from the hospital on a warm day. Of course, with being due in October, I just had to score a pair for my little guy.  For $33, you get three pairs of Leggies that come tucked into a gift ready, giraffe print box.



Head over to Little Giraffe now to grab a set! I am telling you from one shopaholic to another, you will LOVE them.

Giveaway Alert: Well, since I love them so much, I thought I would give 3 readers a chance to win a set. I just have to share the LOVE! Head over to cupcakeMAG Littles to enter.


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