Dadding: A Window into Fatherhood


One of the things about parenting that I love most is watching my husband with our children.

My father died when I was just two years old and I have no memories of him.

I grew up watching other children with their dads and always dreamed of the day when I could witness that bond firsthand.

There’s just something magical about the connection between a father and his children.

Coming shortly on the heels of it’s Top 50 Dad Blogs List, Babble has now launched Dadding, which offers a window into fatherhood.

I’ve spent today getting to know Dadding bloggers Michael Sheehan, Ron Mattocks, Jason Avant, and Mike Adamick, who have made me think and laugh and have left me eager to read more.

It’s refreshing to read about parenting from another perspective and I’m truly looking forward to what’s to come over on Dadding.

Won’t you follow me over there and say hello?

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