Danni Minogue Wants To Bottle Her Pregnancy Hormones


Aussie singer Danni Minogue wants to “bottle” her pregnancy  hormones because they make her feel so “calm.” Obviously, she doesn’t have reflux. Or round ligament pain. Or leg cramps. Or sciatica. Or sluggish bowels. Or insomnia. Or hemorrhoids.

Here she is over at  “I don’t know what the pregnancy hormone is, but I wish I could bottle it and have it forever. I’m so calm and I just laugh at everything… I’m normally more wound up and controlling.”

I must admit I felt very calm with baby number one. Something I attribute to not just hormones but having my child nicely tucked away inside me and not drawing on the walls and cutting his own hair. But pregnancy can also be a stressful time.  Even if some hormones are trying to sedate you, huge life changes can push any number of emotional buttons. Stress is appropriate in pregnancy. Sometimes it’s even good.

In fact, I could use a shot of that slightly tweakynesting hormone. I have honestly wondered if I’ll have to have another baby in order to get my closets in order.

Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos