David Schwimmer Welcomes a Daughter

David Schwimmer
Little Ross Geller is all grown up and having kids in real life

His boys can schwim!

David Schwimmer, otherwise known as perennial geek and the other half of Rachel (as in Ross and Rachel) from the 90’s TV stalwart Friends, is the proud papa to a bouncing baby girl.

And would it really be a celebrity birth announcement if he hadn’t shouted the news from the rooftop via Twitter?

“Hey everyone. Please welcome my daughter, Cleo, to this crazy but wonderful world,” Schwimmer tweeted earlier today.

Schwimmer, 44, has been married to British photographer, Zoe Buckman, 25, since last June. This is their first child. She was born on Sunday, May 8.

In 2006, Schwimmer spoke about being a dad, saying, “It will happen when it feels right. Maybe part of me is waiting for myself to slow down a little and be ready to stay put. I’m confident it’s gonna happen.”

Most recently he directed a film, Trust, with Clive Owen, and he can next be seen (or, rather heard) as Melman in Madagascar 3.

Image: David Schwimmer

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