Day 1 of Our Next Step: A Full IVF Cycle

Moving Forward with a Full IVF Cycle

After we found out that our mini IVF cycle wasn’t successful and that I wasn’t pregnant — and of course, after the initial disappointment and sadness wore off — Sara and I decided to get right back in the saddle and try again, with a few modifications to our original plan.

Waiting for the results of our first cycle seemed to take up a lot of time, and my mind was anywhere but thinking about menstruating. So when we found out the bad news, I didn’t realize just how quickly my period would arrive. But — can’t believe I’m about to say this — I was happy to get it! No time for wallowing around in disappointment. It’s time to get right back in that saddle and try, try again. Which is exactly what we’re doing, except this go-round, we’re trying something new.

I don’t harbor negative feelings for too long, so while I was naturally upset that our first attempt with a mini IVF cycle failed, I quickly began to look on the bright side. Going in to all of this fertility stuff, I was nervous and anxious about how my body would respond to the hormones and drugs. The mini IVF cycle gave me the opportunity to realize that my body won’t freak out in some Godawful way to all the injections, pills, and suppositories. The mini IVF cycle also allowed my doctor to get rid of that stubborn cyst that was hanging around for months. Without it, my ovaries are already in “better shape,” as my Day 3 Ultrasound revealed yesterday.

So while our first IVF attempt was unsuccessful insofar as a pregnancy goes, I’m hesitant to chalk it up to a total loss. I learned some key things about my body, and I’ve gained healthier ovaries — well, at least one healthier ovary — because of it.

That being said, Sara and I have decided to go ahead with a full-dose IVF cycle this month. The egg-retrieval procedure is pretty awful and quite invasive, so I hope to minimize the amount of times we’ll have to do it. Don’t get me wrong; the procedure isn’t the worse thing in the world. But it does require me to miss a full day of work, and it leaves me in severe discomfort for a solid three days afterward. If we fail to get pregnant again, having done a full-dose IVF cycle this time will ensure that we have eggs “on reserve” (aka, frozen), and will likely eliminate the need for another egg retrieval, assuming of course that I actually get pregnant sometime within the next few months.

So this week I’ll inject myself with Gonal-f and Menopur for four nights, and see on Friday how my ovaries are responding with another ultrasound. From there, I’ll continue some variation of my IVF cocktail of drugs and hormones. And if all goes as planned, I’ll undergo my second egg-retrieval procedure on the 7th.

Tonight, my wife and I pray that September will be our month, and we continue to focus on moving forward on our road to motherhood.


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