Daylight Savings Time + Pregnancy + Kids = RANT


Daylight Savings Time is upon us people. At 2:00 AM local time on March 13, time will move to 3:00 am.

daylight savings timeExcuse me while I RANT.

As a pregnant mom of 3 kids who are on spring break, YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!

We’re in Austin at Grandma’s while I’m attending SXSW Interactive. The kids schedules are totally wacked as is, now they lose an additional hour of sleep!

In addition to this, what about my sleep! I’m growing a baby here people! With the hour time change, now my 9:30 am sessions are now actually 8:30am and this mom doesn’t do anything before 10 am well.

To whomever decides this sillyness – BOO to you.

The next Daylight Savings Time change will occur November 6, 2011. That’s when you’ll get your hour back. *grrr*