Destination: Family, with a Little Help from Bill Rancic

Destination: Family

The National Infertility Association (RESOLVE) is partnering with Bill Rancic, the first winner of The Apprentice, on a new public education campaign, Destination: Family, to raise awareness about embryo donation.

One in eight U.S. couples of childbearing age is diagnosed with infertility. Some of those couples reach a point where they need advanced medical treatment for their infertility, including such treatments as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Embryo donation is an option for many couples who are trying to start a family but are battling infertility.

Fertility clinics across the nation store unused eggs for patients who have undergone IVF. Most people keep unused eggs in storage for future attempts at having a baby, but for those who are finished having children, embryo donation for use by another couple struggling with infertility is another option.

Rancic explains his participation in Destination: Family: “I’m honored to partner with RESOLVE and help couples struggling with infertility realize that there are other options out there to help build your family.” Bill and his wife Giuliana Rancic (née DePandi), stars of Giuliana and Bill on The Style Network, are bravely battling infertility in the public eye.

The Destination: Family campaign’s website is a multimedia resource for couples that offers potential embryo donors and recipients information on the medical, legal, and mental health issues involved in embryo donation.

For more information about embryo donation, please visit Destination: Family.