Did You Do It Over the Holidays?


If so, you aren’t alone.

Fun fact:   A study recently revealed that 9 percent of conceptions occur in December, slightly more than the average. And  the most common birthday is September 16, which happens to be a gestation away from the Christmas and New Year holidays. The holiday cheer, it seems, puts everyone in a good mood… a baby makin’ kind of mood. 

And even if they aren’t making babies, lots of people are still doin’ it over the holidays – twice as many condoms are sold the week before Christmas than the week after the holidays. Happy New Year, indeed!

Oh, and the least likely month for conception? August (babies with an April birthday!). Perhaps it’s simply too hot to get frisky.  More scientifically, researchers believe the warmer temps affect sperm quality, as well as the female’s receptiveness to fertilization.

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Sources:  The Daily BeastJezebel and photo courtesy of Mehregan Javanmard

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