Distract Me Please: How Did You Announce Your Pregnancy?

How did you share your exciting news?

I really try to stay busy during the two-week wait before and after ovulation.

But, I find that I always have a tougher time after ovulation as I wait to see if my period will arrive or if we’ll actually finally be pregnant again.

We should know by Saturday if this was our month. I’m due to start my period on Friday, but if it doesn’t arrive, we’ll probably test on Saturday.


Before we got pregnant with our first child, my husband asked that he be a part of the testing process, as he wanted for us to experience that joy together, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Here’s how we do it: I take the test but cover it with a tissue and he sets a timer. We wait together and we lift the tissue together.

Then we either celebrate or regroup together.

I love that we do it this way, but I also love to live vicariously through others who surprise their partner with the results in a creative way.

How about you? Did you do it together, or did you test and then share your happy news with your partner?

Please share your stories…I really need some happy distraction!

And if you’re looking for creative ideas, here are some fun ways to tell your kids and your partner.

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