DIY Baby Quilt Kit


We were given a hand-made quilt for our first son and we’ve been loving it for years: it was in the crib, on the toddler bed, now the kids like to use it for indoor doll picnics. It’ll probably end up on the wall. I’ll certainly never throw it away.

I’m not particularly crafty but I have a huge soft spot for a homemade quilt. Especially when it’s bold and colorful like this   DIY “Cotton Piano Quilt” from Spool. The kit is $44.95. And the process seems simple enough if you already have some basic sewing skills and a machine– the owner of Spool says it’s a “good beginner’s project.”

The quilt pattern is for 44″ by 48″ (a crib is 28″ by 52″) but the kit includes instructions for 72″ by 80″. And everything but the batting and backing is included in the kit. You can call Spool and they will hook you up with the batting/backing if you need it.

Here it is under construction:

And  if you’re really ambitious,  Spool also has instructions for making the perched fabric birds below. Download them here.  How amazing would these look over a crib!? And you can do them without a machine, too.