DIY Maternity for Crafty Moms-to-Be


maternity wear
If you’re a DIY, crafty type of person — the type of person who adores Etsy, craft blogs and your sewing machine — did you ever think of making your own maternity clothes?

Even if you have absolutely no skill in sewing clothes, we found a great source for those pregnant women who have a crafty itch that they need to scratch:


nursing wear

The blog DIY Maternity has a wide variety of patterns and ideas for crafty pregnant women — everything from nursing pads to belly bands to maternity dresses. In fact, the founder of DIY Maternity, Megan Nielsen, is a fashion designer who sells her maternity patterns.

DIY Maternity also features giveaways (like this handmade maternity dress) and mommy spotlights to showcase other crafty maternity blogs.

Head over to DIY Maternity for crafty ideas!