Do You Have The Glow?


pretty maternity photosI have a terrible staring problem. Sometimes I catch myself gawking at someone and then can’t remember how long I’ve been looking at them. Usually it’s because I’m intrigued by something about them. Lately I can’t help but stare at pregnant women because I think they’re so beautiful. I’m sure the women who catch me staring are thinking, “I’m not that big, am I?!”

If I’m ever pregnant, I hope I feel beautiful. My best friend also struggled with infertility and when she finally became pregnant she said there were days when she definitely didn’t feel great about her looks but then she would remember how bad she had wanted to be pregnant and would try to love the experience as much as she could. I hope I have that attitude if I’m ever retaining a ton of water and gaining stretch marks.

To all you pregnant women out there, know that I think you are beautiful. If someone is staring at you it’s because they think so too.

Isn’t this image beautiful? It’s from photographer Kelly Stuart for her new site, The Glow.