Do You Know Your Choices In Childbirth? (Video)


“You Have A Choice” is a short birth documentary (7 minutes) that calls attention to the choices and options women may not know exist when it comes to childbirth.

The angle of the film is very much about educating women as to the advantages of active participation in a birth with as few unnecessary interventions as possible. And letting them know that there is more than one approach to birth and you have a say in it.

The ending refrain is “we made the right choice.” My only beef with this last bit is that since all these couples seem to have made basically the same choice (to labor without medication) the implication is that there is just one “good” choice. Nevertheless, there are some eye-opening moments in this film. The opening monologue about standard hospital procedures is so very true. And I love this, from one of the mom:  “My birth plan is to listen to what my body tells me to do.” Nice.



What do you think?