Do You Like Other People's Kids?


laughing child and camel Except for a brief period in my teenage years when I kind of hated everything, I’ve always loved kids. Why wouldn’t I? Kids are awesome. They freely give out compliments, say really funny things, smile and laugh easily and generally appreciate the little things. But other people look at them differently than I do. Other people look at kids and see them as a loud mess full of germs that they would prefer to stay away from.

I’ve known several people who’ve had this attitude towards children until they’ve had their own. They’ve even stated that they simply don’t like other people’s kids. I’m surprised by this because how would you know you even liked/wanted your own kids if you don’t like kids in general? I’m not saying this is the wrong attitude to have, i’m just curious as to how you made the decision to have your own children if you weren’t exactly keen on them in the first place. 

Do you like other people’s kids? Has your attitude changed since you’ve had your own kids?

image: Bayan Jargal

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