Does She Know Something I Don't Know?

Does she know something I don't know?

Last week I shared the story of how we found out about baby #3 — my daughter somehow knew before we did!  Before we even could, days before I was even able to test!

And as some of you may know, we’ve chosen not to get any ultrasounds this pregnancy, so we obviously don’t know the sex of the baby.  We’ve guessed many times, we’ve gone back and forth.  I thought maybe it was a girl many times, based on my symptoms and the way I’m carrying.  Of course that’s no guarantee.  Realistically we have to wait until birth to know for sure.

But recently, my daughter (finally) weighed in with her opinion….

(And yes, that’s an old picture of her.  It was taken in Sept. 2009, so she is maybe 20 months here — younger than Daniel is now!) 

For months I’ve been asking her, “Is it a boy baby or a girl baby?”  Her answer was inevitably, “No!  It’s just a baby.”  She seemed convinced it did not have to be one or the other, although of course it does!  Asking her which she wanted produced a similar answer.

A few times, we were able to get her to say she wanted a girl.  But even then she didn’t seem so sure.  And whenever she talked about it, she always said “the baby.”

Until a couple days ago.

I was sitting in her rocking chair in her room, talking to her before bed.  She said she wanted to see the baby, so she pulled my shirt up.  She likes to find the baby’s feet (since once she was able to feel a foot clearly) and talk about what will happen when the baby comes out.  She actually seems to understand pretty well, for being barely 3.5 years old and having no memory of my son ever being a real baby!

Anyway, so she’s talking about the baby: “When him is born, him will need a diaper for his butt.  And he will play with us.” This went on for awhile, various descriptions of the baby.  Always “him.”

“Do you think the baby’s a boy?”


“Do you want a baby boy or a baby girl?”

“Baby girl…but no…it’s just a baby!”

She still keeps referring to the baby as ‘him,’ though.

So I have to wonder…does she know something I don’t know?  Or is it just a random slip — calling the baby ‘him’ because her only other sibling happens to be a boy?  I guess in about 6 – 10 weeks (I’m 32 weeks along) we’ll find out!

Have your children ever correctly predicted the sex of your new baby?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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