Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy Fitness (Focus on "Do")

Bring on the bicep curls.

I had high hopes of staying in better shape during this pregnancy—mostly for health and delivery purposes, but I admit, also out of vanity. (It took nearly a year to get back into my regular wardrobe last time around. Don’t believe what everyone tells you about nursing and slimming down. It was worth it, but hard on my waistline and also my confidence.)

I started out strong with long walks on the treadmill. But since my 20-week appointment, things have gone downhill. I blame it on time management, fears about my placenta, as well as lack of child care. But it’s time to quit making excuses.

Now entering my third trimester and in-the-clear as far as the placenta is concerned, I wonder if it’s too late to start a more healthy regimen? Babble recently tackled two topics, safe pregnancy exercises and the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy fitness. I’m planning on putting at least some of this info to use this week.

Just do it! Here’s where to get started:

What I’m choosing to focus on from of 10 Safe Exercises:

But first I’ll be reading up on what’s OK. Here are some “don’ts” in terms of pregnancy fitness:

My husband is home today, so I’m off to the workout room. Please share any other pregnancy fitness thoughts and tips below!