Dreaded Pregnancy Questions from My Kids


siblingsOnly a couple hours after we told our kids that we are expecting Baby #3, my four-year-old daughter marched up to me and demanded to know, “HOW DID THE BABY GET IN YOUR BELLY?!”

To say I was shocked would put it mildly. Honestly, you’d think I would have expected this type of question from her.  All preschoolers are little scientists and so of course she wanted to know how I ended up in this condition. But when I was pregnant with her little brother, she was a tiny one-year-old, so this conversation never happened.

As I sat there, stunned for a few seconds, with my mouth silently opening and closing, she took the opportunity to throw out a few more questions:

“How is the baby getting out of your belly?”

“Can I have a baby now, too?”

Oh. My. Goodness. Ohmygoodness. I took a deep breath and remembered that she doesn’t need as much detail as I could give her.

I decided to answer the last question first and explained that she can’t have a baby until she is a grown woman. Then I explained that she has a special sac or “nest” inside her body called a uterus and that when her body is bigger and stronger she can grow her own baby in her uterus.

Then I pulled a quick distraction/redirection maneuver on her and asked, “If you had a baby, what would you name it?” Thankfully it worked and I managed to derail her original train of thought. But I consider the onslaught a formal warning: these questions will resurface. And this time I better be ready!

How did you explain your pregnancy to your preschooler?

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