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We hear all about the horrible pregnancy symptoms — the morning sickness (hello, all day sickness), the back pain, the heartburn and the so-tired-you-feel-like-breathing-is-too-much that are so common during pregnancy. Another very common symptom of all the hormones pulsing through your body is the newly vivid and way-too-real dreams. It’s a combination of the hormones and the seriously huge life change that is about to become very real. All the excitements, the worries, the fears and what-if’s dance around in your brain in dream form creating some pretty unusual combinations.

It’s a totally real symptom and the dreams that come as a result can be pretty universal, pretty out there and sometimes kinda funny. There is usually a reason for the weirdness — something that you can pull out of the symbols and find what the true meaning behind the seemingly random thoughts.

Click through for 7 common dreams during pregnancy and find out what they really mean:

  • You Hear Babies Crying Everywhere But Can’t Find Baby 1 of 7
    You Hear Babies Crying Everywhere But Can't Find Baby
    What it means: This dream is so not a fun one and can leave you waking up in a cold sweat. Usually caused by the fear of the unknown and worries that you may not be ready or know what you're doing.
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  • Hello! Vivid Sex Dreams 2 of 7
    Hello! Vivid Sex Dreams
    What it means: This dream can be a totally fun one to have! I remember them so well with my first pregnancy. They don't mean that you are going to turn sex-crazed. Usually a combination of hormones and a love of your new curves and woman-ness!
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  • It’s All About Food. Food, Food Everywhere! 3 of 7
    It's All About Food. Food, Food Everywhere!
    What it means: Cravings are a strong thing that no one should mess with. Our brains and body craves nutrients and vitamins and happy that food brings. These dreams can either mean you are worried about your weight or you finally feel free in choosing to eat anything. Depending on if you wake feeling freaked or satisfied.
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  • Forget Colored Dreams or Black & White – It’s all Pink & Blue 4 of 7
    Forget Colored Dreams or Black & White - It's all Pink & Blue
    What it means: Anxiety and excitement over meeting this new person who will be in your life. Dreaming of whether you will have a son or daughter is probably a bit of fear of the unknown and excitement over one of life's rare true surprises.
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  • Caught In Public With Your Clothes Off 5 of 7
    Caught In Public With Your Clothes Off
    What it means: This dream holds a theme that is common for many people. Being naked in public and feeling totally mortified is usually a result of being afraid of change or being caught off guard. Also, because of the huge body changes you are going through while pregnant, it shows how vulnerable you feel.
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  • It’s Delivery Day & You Meet Your Child & Find Out You Birthed a Cat 6 of 7
    It's Delivery Day & You Meet Your Child & Find Out You Birthed a Cat
    What it means: I have had this one and let me tell you, it's weird to wake up to. This dream is all about the unknown as well. It's a weird thought to think that this huge growing belly of yours has an actual, real-life human in there.
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  • You’re In Labor, Stuck In An Elevator 7 of 7
    You're In Labor, Stuck In An Elevator
    What it means: Fears over labor and birth are totally understandable. If this is your first child you are expecting you are more likely to dream extreme birth scenarios. Feeling unprepared, your dream throws you into situations that are so out-there and exaggerated by tv. Relieve your stress by reading and researching calm labors and births.
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:: What is the weirdest pregnancy dream you’ve had? ::

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