Could This Be a Sign?

My kitchen is so sparkly!

Yesterday I turned into the incredible cleaning woman.

I ran my usual errands and then proceeded to grocery shop and buy everything in site to stockpile my refrigerator/freezer.  Then, when I came home, I proceeded to organize my cupboards, clean out my refrigerator and freezer (which side note: I’ve only done like three times ever), sweep and scrub every corner of my house, clean both of the bathrooms and wipe down every surface I could possibly think of (including light switch covers).

I spent about four hours attending to all of these tasks and at the end I was exhausted and experienced what I’m pretty sure was my first “real” contraction.

Could this be a sign?

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I’ve read and heard multiple times that nesting is an early sign of labor, but so far I haven’t experienced any other signs of labor aside from that one contraction.  Maybe I just caught a random cleaning bug and overdid it?  Or could this be the real thing?  It’s been 24 hours since my nesting bout and it really does seem like this baby is quite cozy and content right where she is, so maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Have any of you experienced this “nesting” instinct?

What did your nesting instinct cause you to do?

How long after nesting kicked in did you give birth?

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