Eating Bad While Pregnant Effects The Long Term Health of Your Child


no to thin mintsSO maybe purchasing that box of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies from my co-worker wasn’t the best idea. We all know you aren’t suppose to eat bad while pregnant, but until now – little has been known about the long term health effects your poor diet choices have on you child.

Thanks to the scientists at the University of Cambridge – we can all feel EXTREME guilt.  Their new study shows how that mothers who consume an unhealthy diet during pregnancy are putting their children at a increased risk of type 2 diabetes (which is a significant contributing factor to cancer and heart disease) later in life.

So now, not only am I putting my child at risk of therapy later in life, they can now also fear diabetes. Sorry kids, please do know that I still love you and hope you forgive me.

How much do you watch your diet while pregnant?