Electrolyte Drinks During Labor - How To Make Your Own!


We’ve heard time and time again that we need nutrients and hydration during labor (especially if you are having a hospital birth, as they likely won’t let you eat or drink much if at all, in the event you need a cesarean). One of the quickest ways to hydrate and recover quickly is electrolyte drinks, but those big name brand ones are sometimes gross and contain all kinds of chemicals and fillers. Yuck!

How about making your own? We’ve been experimenting with different flavors, but this is so easy you won’t believe it. Here’s the basic recipe:

Pour some 100% fruit juice in a glass
Add some coconut water
The end.


That’s it! Coconut water is a GREAT source of electrolytes and even though you can drink it on its own, not everyone is a fan (including myself). Simply mix it in with some juice and you have your homemade electrolyte drink (with some added carbohydrates too) – great for labor (or really any sports drink replacement!).

Our favorite combo has been to freshly juice (in the juicer) watermelon, lemon and plum and add in the coconut water. YUMMMM. I feel like I could live on it forever!