Enough With All the Pregnancy Rules Already


Flavia Brandi The impact of the pregnant father’s involvement on his feelings about fatherhood?

Alcohol, pregnancy and the impact of abstinence?

The stress of being told not to stress during pregnancy?

Okay,  I am totally convinced that someone in England is reading our blog and stealing all our ideas and trying to actually do something about them instead of just complaining.

Though I am a little miffed at the lack of personal credit (and curious to know how these people managed to get a huge academic conference together in the two weeks since we launched Being Pregnant) I am thrilled to hear that people are starting to take these issues seriously.

The upcoming  Changing Parenting Culture Conference is dedicated to deconstructing contemporary pregnancy, with its overabundance of rules and no-nos.The event will feature speakers from the U.S. as well as the U.K. and seems like a pretty radical look at contemporary parenting, examining not just the immediate impact of the mounting pile of pregnancy rules, but the lasting reverberations. What are the repercussions of entering the world of parenting bombarded with contradictory advice? When medical advice is based on anxiety rather than evidence, how is parental anxiety affected? What happens when even a mothers’ emotions are tied to her child’s well-being?

Pretty fascinating stuff. Now if only someone would buy me a ticket to London. Virgin Upper Class preferred, of course.

photo: Flavia Brandi/flickr

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