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28 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Things you should never say to a pregnant woman

By Danielle |

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  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “Was it planned?”

    “Was it planned?” Does it really matter? Whether it was planned or not, she’s obviously sharing the news because she’s happy and excited not because she wants to answer to nosy people. Questioning her decision-making is unnecessary (and kind of rude). What to say instead: “Congratulations, kids are great!”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “Did you take fertility drugs?”

    “Did you take fertility drugs?” Getting pregnant isn’t easy for everyone and the struggle with fertility is emotionally and financially exhausting. When a woman is pregnant at a certain age or is carrying multiples, be mindful of the delicate story that may be behind her joy; intrusive questions just rain on her parade. What to say instead: “Do multiples run in your family?”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “You look like you’re ready to pop!”

    “You look like you’re ready to pop!” The last thing a woman who is very pregnant wants to hear is how big she looks. She’s already frustrated and tired of being pregnant and reminding her of this isn’t good for anyone. What to say instead: “How are you feeling?”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “Are you sure there aren't twins in there?”

    “Are you sure there aren't twins in there?” (What she’s thinking: What’s your excuse? I’m carrying a life!) Come on, women are self-conscious enough as it is and when she’s carrying an extra 20 or so pounds she’s extra sensitive about her looks (and everything else for that matter). What to say instead: “Do you know what you are having?”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “Can I touch your belly?”

    “Can I touch your belly?” (What she’s thinking: I don’t even know you!) Unless you’re a close relative or friend, this is just awkward for her. Just because a woman is pregnant doesn’t make her belly community property. What to say instead: “Wow, you look great! What a cute belly!”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “Have you picked a name yet?”

    “Have you picked a name yet?” It seems harmless, but trust us, she doesn’t want to answer this question and subject herself (and her partner) to your opinions. It’s hard enough agreeing on a baby name as a couple and input from strangers just makes the process more difficult. What to say instead: “Are you having fun picking a name?”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “Enjoy ____ now because once the baby comes, you can kiss it goodbye.”

    “Enjoy ____ now because once the baby comes, you can kiss it goodbye.” Pregnancy is an emotional time for a woman especially if it’s her first. She’s very aware that her life is about to drastically change. She doesn’t need you to suggest that she’ll never enjoy sleep, skinny jeans or a minute alone ever again. What to say instead: “Parenting is certainly full of ups and downs but it’s worth it!”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “You shouldn't be eating/drinking that.”

    “You shouldn't be eating/drinking that.” (What she’s thinking: Thanks Dr. Stranger, but I’ll eat and drink whatever I please and if you get in the way, you may lose a finger.) Pregnant women are well aware of their new dietary recommendations and restrictions and if you don’t trust she’s making wise decisions, keep it to yourself. What to say instead: “Boy, does that look delicious!”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “I never had morning sickness.”

    “I never had morning sickness.” All pregnancies are different, so bragging to a mother who is sick as a dog about your lack of pregnancy symptoms is downright insensitive. What to say instead: “How have you been feeling? Any morning sickness?”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “I was sick my whole 9 months.”

    “I was sick my whole 9 months.” On the flip side, a pregnant woman doesn’t want to be any more terrified than she already is. Keep the horror stories to yourself. What to say instead: “Don’t worry, you will feel better soon enough!”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “I was ripped open from end to end.”

    “I was ripped open from end to end.” This falls into the horror story category. Like pregnancy, giving birth is different for every woman. And the fact is, most women don’t end up “ripped from end-to-end" — one bad experience shouldn’t set off panic in the mind of a new mother! What to say instead: “I had a rough experience, but not all women go through what I did.”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    “Get an epidural!”

    “Get an epidural!” Deciding how and where to give birth is extremely personal — it’s about what she wants, not what other people think she should want. Though hospital settings and epidurals are mainstream, not every mother chooses to go that route. Questioning her decision to do something you didn’t gives her zero credit for making an educated decision. What to say instead: “I decided to get an epidural because…but everyone is different.”

  • Pregnancy Etiquette
  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    Are you still with the father?

    “Are you still with the father?”

    Sherri Middaugh

  • Pregnancy Etiquette



    Rita Reynolds Stachowiak

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    When I told my boss I was pregnant... “When I told my boss I was pregnant (with my first child), the first thing he said was: “Are you going to keep it?””

    Dana Blackmon Carroll

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    Wow, Can you even see your feet anymore? “I was about 8 months pregnant when a co-worker said to me: 'Wow, Can you even see your feet anymore?' Thanks. And, no I couldn't see them anymore. I was crushed.”


  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    my MIL had the nerve to ask if the baby was his “Although I had been with my husband for nine years, my MIL had the nerve to ask if the baby was his.”


  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    My husband asked me if I wanted a scale for Christmas “My husband asked me if I wanted a scale for Christmas so I could keep track of my weight gain. Needless to say, he was not invited into the delivery room.”

    Diane Hunt Andrews

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    Wow, it must be hard to be an old mom "I was 37 and pregnant with my last child when I was told: ‘Wow, it must be hard to be an old mom.’ I didn’t realize I was old!”

    Carly Frith

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    And there are his balls. “We were having our weekly ultrasound and my doctor didn’t say anything about the baby’s heart or lungs…instead, she said: ‘And there are his balls.’ Really? Is that the medical term?”

    Kelsey Elizabeth Page

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    You look like you could use the exercise anyway... “I was working in a restaurant and attempting to seat some people, when they requested a table on the opposite side of the restaurant and said: ‘You look like you could use the exercise anyway...’”

    Sarah Lahey

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    You know, the likelihood of Down's syndrome goes up as you get older. “As a 44-year-old pregnant woman I often heard: ‘You know, the likelihood of Down's syndrome goes up as you get older.’ Nice, huh?”

    Georgen Charnes

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    I hope the doctor doesn't paralyze you “When I told my MIL I would be opting for an epidural, she replied: ‘I hope the doctor doesn't paralyze you, that would make taking care of a new born really difficult.’ Ugh, seriously?”


  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    someone asked me if I’d ever considered losing weight. “When I was seven months pregnant someone asked me if I’d ever considered losing weight.”


  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    Are you sure you should be having another baby? “I already had a one-year-old at home and people asked me: ‘Are you sure you should be having another baby?’ The kicker? It was from my own family members!”

    Katharyne E. Hale

  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    There can be other things that go wrong that they can't test for! “I was telling a colleague that the Down's syndrome test went well, and she pitched in with, ‘There can be other things that go wrong that they can't test for!’”


  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    I just want to make sure you're not having a monster baby. “My OB was concerned that I was measuring very large as my due date was closing in and said: "I just want to make sure you're not having a monster baby."


  • Pregnancy Etiquette

    I had someone tell me that they couldn't picture me as the mother of a girl “I had someone tell me that they couldn't picture me as the mother of a girl. How do you even respond to that?”

    Amy Gentner

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372 thoughts on “28 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

  1. GeekyGal says:

    Ugh, yes to this one. I had twins 5 months ago, and they were natural. So many people asked if they run in our family, and then eyed us suspiciously when I said no, as if waiting for me to “fess up” to taking drugs.

  2. Rosstwinmom says:

    No, do not ask if twins run in their family. That is just the same question in disguise. Just say, “How much fun! You are twice blessed!”

  3. Gestating says:

    I find #3 annoying, but not because I’m “frustrated and tired of being pregnant” or because the comment reminds me of how big I look (there’s a baby in there … how else would I look?). Despite my aching back, I still really enjoy being pregnant (with my second), and will be sorry after this one comes not to experience it again (as we’ve decided not to have a third). I find the comment annoying merely because it’s a comment, not a question, and I have a hard time thinking of a non-awkward-sounding response :)

  4. PlumbLucky says:

    Converse of “get an epidural” – “Go natural or you aren’t a worthy mother”.
    I actually did hear “you look about ready to pop”. I had to school my 22 year old male coworker about how that was just not a good thing to say to a pregnant woman.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi fatty!

  6. Jenna Boettger Boring says:

    Oh my god I hear the “are there twins in there?” from about every third person I see these days. My baby bump popped out right away with my first daughter, and even quicker with this one and everyone who finds out my due date either asks if it’s twins or announces “I’m pretty sure there’s more than one in there!” Also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with politely asking if you can touch her belly. Everyone wants to touch the pregnant belly (well, almost every other woman at least), asking first is the appropriate version of just coming up and sticking your paws all over her unexpectedly.

  7. Audrie Dilts says:

    Having heard everyone of these (except the comment about fertility drugs) I would add one. “You know how that happens don’t you?” That’s just as annoying if not more so.

  8. Monique Schaefer says:

    This is great! #1,#7 AND #8

  9. Shannon D. Stabbert says:

    Most inappropriate comment- “So, are you keeping it?” Luckily it was from a good friend with an off beat sense of humor, so I replied with “Well yeah, THIS time!” Anyone else would have been a different story!

  10. AC says:

    At a check-up:
    Doctor: “Was your pregnancy planned?”
    Me: “No, but we’re very excited and happy. Plus, I like surprises.”
    Him: “Well, were you on birth control pills?”
    Me: “No.”
    Him: “Well, that’s why you got pregnant.”
    Gee, really? Is that how it works? What an ass.

  11. Georgen Charnes says:

    As a 44 year old pregnant woman, I heard “the likelihood of Down’s Syndrome goes up as you get older.” Nice, huh?

  12. Kate says:

    I left my GP after my partner and I went for our first pregnant visit. She asked us why we weren’t practicing contraception -we weren’t planning on having a baby, but we’re happy that we are! She also asked my partner why he didn’t pull out! I was horrified.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hated when people wanted to touch my belly….I would touch theirs right back! Got some rather odd looks, but I think the point was made!

  14. Anonymous says:

    we never told the name until it was officially on paper…then opinions were not as ‘free’….When asked about a name, I would say “Yes, it is toilet!” (actually an old family joke, but who knew?”

  15. jepea says:

    i agree- there just isn’t really a polite way to turn down someone’s request to touch your belly… especially since their hands are already stretched out as they “ask”

    and i wish i had the nerve to touch them right back, but- alas, the most those belly-grabbers get from me is the tight smile and “um–okay”

  16. Jasmine Leilani says:

    I was asked at least once Was it planned, to which I promptly and tersely responded, NOT unwelcome.
    You look ready to pop was a CONSTANT comment. Now that I look back, that was pretty rude. On that note, everyone kept asking me if I was sure it wasnt twins. That question scared me; I didnt want more than one!
    I didnt mind when people I knew asked to touch the belly, those closets didnt have to ask. One time someone touched without asking, a man, I promptly reached over and cupped his own big belly. He gave me an uncomfortable look and never did it again!
    Name inquiries were many; people were the nosiest about that. I even got one co-worker MAKING FUN of our name selection. We decided to name our son Ciaran (Keer-rin) but he kept saying, They will call him Karen and say hes a girl.
    If I EVER wanted to punch someone, I even considered going to HR.
    Also experienced # 7, people telling me what to/not to eat, 9 & 10 (because I had 4 months of constant sickness), and 12. But the last one was more so because people told me I was Insane for wanting a natural birth.
    People are SOOOO invasive and rude with pregnant women.

  17. Delia Lloyd says:

    How about “Are you pregnant?” !!!

    Delia Lloyd

  18. snakecharmer says:

    Unfortunately people’s invasive and rude comments don’t seem to stop once you have the baby. The worst for me was the ‘are you sure there’s just one in there?” comment? I got that alot..especially from my MIL. I finally shot back “Why? Do you think I look fat?” for which she then backpedalled but I think she got the point…never asked me that question again.

  19. beccae says:

    “You’re about to pop” can only be said by people who have never had a baby. Hours and hours of labor and pushing is hardly “popping!”

  20. lmh says:

    Someone told me, you must be due really soon and I had 4 months to go!

  21. Proudtohaveonlyboys says:

    When I was pregnant with my first, I never heard any of the really nasty comments I’ve seen other posters list. Some of the comments, while a bit nosy, to me just seemed like people tring to make small talk.

    Now that I’m pregnant with my second, a son, I do have to say that a few of the comments I’ve been receiving have been pretty annoying. So far three people have either asked me if I plan to try for a girl or if I’m happy about having another boy. What kind of thing is that to ask a woman if she’s happy with the baby she’s carrying and to ask that same woman if she’s going to try for a girl implies that what she has isn’t good enough. I am thrilled beyond belief to be having another boy just as I would have been thrilled if it were a girl and I am not having any more.

  22. katieLI says:

    I disagree with #3′s suggestion. “How are you feeling?” gets pretty old toward the end, especially close to or after one’s due date! Because people don’t really want to hear the truth, they just want you to say “fine”. I always wanted to say “How the heck do you think I’m feeling?”

  23. Mommy Needs Vodka says:

    I found myself nodding at lots of these comments to this article! ESPECIALLY about “do twins run in your family?” I agree with GeekyGal, it’s a veiled question.

    Oh, and the “go natural.” No freaking way was I going to “go natural”. Think about it. You’re miserable sick part of the pregnancy, then uncomfortable, and people say Take More Pain. No thank you. As a twin mom, I’m going to go post right now, 10 things never to say to a mom of multiples (and how we can answer) on my blog, right now!

    This article has inspired me.

  24. Mommy Needs Vodka says:

    whoops, in the post below I forgot to add my blog name with the twin mom post I reference in my comment below. It’s

  25. LAS says:

    She should add “Are you still pregnant?” to the list. This applies to friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. I’ve been getting this question in various forms at least once an hour via text, phone, email, facebook, and in person for days, and I’m ready to scream. Trust me, when it happens, I will let you know, especially if you have already asked me to keep you informed. Until then, don’t make any comments about how I’m still around, whether I feel like labor is imminent or anything else other than a supportive “hang in there.” No one wishes I would have this baby soon more than me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    No, don’t even ask do multiples run in your family. Just say “wow!” You are so lucky!

  27. JenJen says:

    I hate the “are you pregnant?” or “how far along are you?” because me and my husband have been trying for over 6 months with no luck. I gained 15 pounds after stopping my birth control so I hear both questions a lot. Thanks for telling me I look bigger and reminding me that we’re having problems.

  28. nicolthepickle says:

    Was he/she planned is my worst one.
    My parents had a lot of children and people would always ask us questions. Sometimes they were really rude, even though some of us were quite young. We finally figured out that when people asked us questions that were none of their business to say, ‘We don’t ask personal questions like that.”
    it worked every time.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I had my manager order all of my uniform shirts oversized to allow for the growth of my bump, that was five months ago, I am seven months pregnant and only gained 18 pounds. This manager weighs more than me and she makes jokes about whether or not I need to safety pin my shirt closed. Sorry but no, the shirt fits me just fine still at least I have an excuse unlike her.

  30. Liza L says:

    When I was pregnant, I absolutely disliked women who asked me how much I’ve already put on, and then follow it with how little weight they gained during their pregnancy. Very mean.

  31. Liza L says:

    I agree with #8 don’t tell “You shouldn’t be eating / drinking that.” When I was pregnant, a friend who saw me eating a Crunch bar told me not to eat it because it has caffeine which could make the baby hyperactive. If there weren’t other people around, I would have scolded her:

    Gosh! It’s milk chocolate for God’s sake! You might as well tell me not to eat cabbage and broccoli and other veggies and nuts because it might give the baby gas, and create gas bubbles in his fluid. With all this discomfort I’m feeling, I deserve some comfort foods once in a while. And how can you tell me this when you haven’t even gotten pregnant yet. Just wait until you get pregnant.

    Afterword: Despite all that junk food I indulged in when I was pregnant, my babies turned out fine.

  32. tigtig says:

    how bout this my husbands aunt looked at me when i showed off the diaper bag i bought after finding out we were pregnate and asked “are you sure you should be buying things this early? you never know what could happen.” i was so upset and vowed to not include her in any baby plans

  33. happywithoutkids says:

    I am on the opposite end of this spectrum. I found out that I cannot have children. However I have a rather chubby belly. I get “How far along are you?” or “When are you due?”. I just say I’m not pregnant, just fat. But thanks for the reminder! Like I don’t know I have a gut. When my husband and I went to his cousin’s wedding in Atlanta there was an old family friend of his aunt’s that knew my husband’s branch of the family. Literally the first question she asked was how many little ones we have. Well, none not that it’s any of your business total stranger.

  34. Jessie says:

    I agree about asking about fertility treatment, but for another reason. I was pregnant with twins at 24, and I had several people ask me that, and it kind of offended me…like, “NO, how old do you think I AM?!” since most 24 year-olds are not quite ready to go down that road. I’m absolutely sure that women who had a hard time getting pregnant and did use fertility treatments would probably be more hurt by the question than I was (so, I’m not trying to diminish that, by any means)…just saying it’s a bad question to ask a pregnant woman from multiple reasons!

  35. askeaton says:

    I get told “you don’t look that far along at all!” While this may seem like a compliment at first, I find it just as offensive as if they were telling me I look huge. Insulting someone’s baby bump is an implication that they are abnormal somehow. Plus I take it to mean that I don’t look that different pregnant than I did normally, which is also offensive. And it’s almost always followed up with “you’re lucky to be having such an easy pregnancy.” I’m sorry, what?! You think I’m not just as uncomfortable, tired, hungry, heartburn-prone, and constipated as a woman with a huge belly?? So yes, my bump is quite small for 31 weeks. But I’m pretty sure I’ll let my midwife be concerned with the growth of my unborn child.
    And BTW, my measurements are exactly where they should be.

  36. Kit says:

    “You’re huge!” comments are so not welcome. I agree! But I can’t stand the women who worry obsessively about their weight while being pregnant. There are more important things, you’re eating for two now. Just say it’s for the baby! (which it usually is!) Ok, this kind of stems from my huge weight gain (I’ll worry about it later of course). This isn’t about the “oh I hope I don’t gain too much” but those who actively say “oh no I don’t want to gain more weight than absolutely necessary and immediately go back to looking normal”. They need to think about what they might be doing to themselves and the baby.

  37. idby says:

    i conceived immediately after i got married in January this year. i waited until after the 1st trimester to make announcements but the most that i receive was ‘Wow, that was fast!’ or ‘wow, what a sharp shooter’ (referring to my husband). i find it offensive and no, i ain’t blaming the hormones. what right do they think they have to come up with such a remark? we are legally married and we weren’t thinking of planning either. it’s our lives and so be it. and what makes them think that the husband is a sharp shooter? i could well be ovulating on the very wedding night itself! duhhh!

  38. minnie says:

    At 20 weeks ultra sound my baby was slightly bigger than average. I over-reacted and blurted that she would not be able to wear my wedding dress if she wanted to since I am so small. My father in law decided to add that my baby girl will SPLIT MY DRESS IN SHREDs. Yes, first fat girl joke from Grandpa before she is even born!

  39. Liliana Emperatriz Benavente says:

    I am not married but I have a sweetheart or soul mate for eight years. Everybody tells me: “What are you waiting for? The picture? You are getting old and gray hair is coming on your way” I am overweight so people says: “Imagine if you are pregnant, you will roll not walk” It is funny for them but for me it is rude! For many reasons I cannot marry and of course get pregnant but these comments have two meanings: Get marry and get pregnant. The opposite of my difficult situation.

  40. Cher says:

    When I was at the salon telling my hairdresser I was pregnant and some stranger sitting beside me asking “Are you keeping it?” Excuse me?

  41. Andrea Mayall says:

    I was at Starbucks and ordering a DECAF frappaccino. Some lady walked in and saw me, and looked me up and down and then said to me, “You should NOT be drinking coffee,” very rudely. The cashier said,”decaf frapaccino!” and I grabbed it, turned to the lady and said, “And you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Mind your own business.”

  42. Jennifer Catt says:

    I was four weeks from my due date when a woman at a baby clothing store told me that it would be irresponsible of me to wait to go to the hospital once labor started because her sister’s friend’s baby was stillborn because she waited to go until her water broke. That comment had me scared, pissed and defensive for the rest of my pregnancy.

  43. moshermama says:

    Except that I didn’t want congratulations. OMG I hated “congratulations.” It was like getting congratulated for the condom breaking. By the time the baby got here, I was ok with congratulations, but when I announced my pregnancy it was to explain why I was so sick and exhausted all the time to people who thought I had cancer. i suppose, looking at it that way, I could have taken it as congratulations on not having cancer. Oh, and it wasn’t planned. Had been hoped for, but was sufficiently unexpected that it took a while for us to warm up to the idea, and it didn’t even take the whole 40 weeks.

  44. moshermama says:

    Oh, and strike “How are you feeling?” too. By the time I was hearing that a dozen times a day, my answer was “like I never want to hear that question again.” Fortunately, it got the message across.

  45. Nessie says:

    I had a co-worker who we are all sure had Asperger’s and she would say the most inappropriate things. When I told her I was pregnant (after struggling with infertility), she said, “Wow… Was it planned?” and when I told her yes, she replied, “You’re going to get huge!”. Another time, I was telling another colleague that the Down’s syndrome test went well and she pitched in with, “There can be other things that go wrong that they can’t test for!”. I could go on and on… Oh and people telling me my due date was wrong because I was too big. Idiots.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I have 2, 1 my dear sweet father in law (RIP) He said to me one day about a year after having my daughter, “is there something you want to tell us? You got a nice “bump” there?” Nope, just fat :( And I had 3 kids, with my last child I had gestational diabetes and I was testin my blood while I was out & a lady stopped and said, “you have diabetes you should have never gotten pregnant, you have doomed your child!” and she walked away :( I couldn’t even tell her otherwise, I was devastated!

  47. Lisa Roberts Birdsong says:

    I was very sick when I was pregnant and had to have surgery when I was 17 weeks pregnant. I didn’t eat for over a week and lost over 20 pounds. When I was up and about several weeks later a friend of mine came to see me and the first thing she said to me was “Well, I can see that pregnancy is not agreeing with you. You look horrible. You don’t ever need to get pregnant again.”

  48. Anonymous says:

    My mother in law told me, and I have witnesses, that I didn’t look pregnant, I just looked like I hadn’t been to the gym in a few weeks.

  49. rayzalone says:

    im the only female young staff here at my working place and now im pregnant my 1st colleagues make fun on how i walk (they said im walking like a clown) and even want to take pic on that. they also said nest time they’ll see penguin walking around office. i know they only kidding but it makes me think twice to get pregnant again after this. . .

  50. Lindsay Cohan says:

    While I was pregnant a fellow co worker constantly joked about how big I was and how he was placing bets on twins. I knew there was only one baby in there! I couldn’t help the fact that I gain almost 65lbs to my small frame (lost it all after the baby thank goodness)! Still I found his comments rude, not funny at all but all I did was laugh it off and stewed about it after. I never felt beautiful while I was pregnant, not even by the father of my soon to be child. One of the most important emotional factors in pregnancy is making her feel fabulous. Women go through so much to have a baby, we feel like crap the majority of the time too! A simple “you look great” could mean the world.

  51. Christine says:

    Mine wasn’t quite a pregnant comment, it was the day I came home from the hospital(4 days after delivery via C-section). I was outside (yes, up and about…it was summer and I wanted air), any way, I neighbor stopped and said “Wow, it doesn’t even look like you had the baby yet”. I was livid…lol…I still think of the comment every time I see the woman.

  52. LIlyannsmom says:

    I have a three month old daighter. I gained 73 llbs whole pregnany and some syranger asked me if I was having twins. How rude . Pregnancy made me hungry all the time. Lily came put at 8.7 lbs.

  53. Anya Vladimirovna says:

    I was at Subway, 8 months pregnant, and this woman ahead of me was ordering 5 sandwiches. She finally told the sandwich maker, “Let her go ahead, she looks like she’s going to pop any minute!” Didn’t mind that cause quite frankly I looked and felt like I was but then I ordered a footlong and she said, “Are you going to eat that whole thing?!?” Uh…I am big, my baby is about 6-7 pounds at this point so…YEA.

  54. Zoesmommy says:

    I am a quite small woman and I was about 8 months pregnant when a co-worker says to me ‘Wow, Can you even see your feet anymore?’ Thanks. and no I couldn’t see them anymore. I was crushed.

  55. Valerie Kelly says:

    a co-worker was upset at me and told me I was going to be a horrible mother and “F*CK up my child”. No doubt that was the worst!

  56. Anonymous says:

    And these are the reasons why its sometimes a good idea to keep your pregnancy to yourself as long as possible. It was so much more rewarding for me keeping all the joy to myself without the negativity of other people. People are just stupid and rude by nature!

  57. Kelly says:

    When I told my family doctor I was pregnant, her response was, “You will probably miscarry – that happens with 1 in 4 pregnancies.”

    (Worst part? I did end up miscarrying that pregnancy – and I couldn’t bring myself to go back to that doctor to check my hormonal levels afterward. Thankfully I ended up being OK)

  58. cnevin30 says:

    All of these are pretty good except for the “Do you know what you’re having?” question. I HATE that question! Don’t you think that if I want to share that information I will do it? I really hate it when they ask and I’m only 10 weeks along….I won’t know for another 13 weeks!! (If I do find out.) Through all 3 of my pregnancies, when that question is asked….I always reply, “I’m hoping for a pony!”

  59. Lisa Williams says:

    Yeah, I had ALL these said to me at one point or another. What is it about seeing a pregnant woman that makes people lose their filter?

  60. Heather says:

    I wasn’t pregnant, I was at cancer treatment, with my four daughters in tow, and a woman asked me IF I was pregnant. Hmmm…..yes, some women have to go through chemo while pregnant, but chances are, they’re the exception, not the rule. Yes, they’ve yanked my ovaries, sliced off my breasts, and I have no estrogen so I’ve gained some weight, but REALLY???? Did you REALLY have to ask me if I was pregnant. Yeesh.

  61. Dana Blackmon Carroll says:

    Cher- When I was telling my boss man that I was pregnant with my first child, the first thing he said was “are you going to keep it.” I said “yes”. and he said “well I thought you wanted to go to college.” I am now going to college full time and my son is 3 years old and I am expecting a little girl in September. I don’t see why he thought it was appropriate to even ask!

  62. Anonymous says:

    The shirt I was wearing was getting a little short and my husbands cousin told me I looked like an old fat man!!! Good thing I know how to laugh at myself!!!

  63. twinmom says:

    What to say instead: Do multiples run in your family?

    As a mother of twins, I find this comment just as rude and an underhanded way of finding out whether our twins were conceived naturally or not. It’s NOT appropriate to say this either. What do they care whether twins run in my family or not? If I say yes, they’ll assume natural twins. If I say no, they’ll assume not natural.

  64. petitemom says:

    “You look too little to be having a baby (or twins)”
    This one I got a LOT when I was pregnant, just because I’m petite. What am I supposed to say? Well, I am pregnant and the babies are healthy – I just didn’t start out fat like you and I was careful to not overeat like far too many women.

    It is incredibly annoying to have people think they can comment on your weight – whether you are big or small. I’ve never had so many comments about my weight as when I was pregnant. I gained the right amount of lbs and paid attention to nutrition throughout.

  65. birthoptions says:

    I had twins, one vaginally and one by emergency c-section. It makes me angry when people say that I should have had a c-section from the outset BEFORE they even hear why I chose to try to a vaginal birth with twins. Why? Both of our babies were vertex (head down) and in perfect positions for a vaginal birth. So I tried it, knowing full well I was risking an emergency c-section. The other comment related to this is well so-and-so I know lost their baby that way. To which I asked did so-and-so deliver in the OR with twins? No. Well, you know, that might have been the reason. Twins are high-risk pregnancies; our hospital would not deliver them without my being in the OR. I totally support that. Our boy turned at the last minute and so yeah we might have lost him if the staff weren’t right there to get me the emergency c-section. They did a fantastic job, and I am very happy with our birth went.

  66. USmommaUK says:

    My MIL told me at around 20 weeks that basically my bum had gotten huge (despite being 10lbs down and still wearing my regular jeans with a belly belt) and decided that it was a good idea when I was about 32 weeks to buy for our wedding anniversary something mostly for me, she said. Wanna know what it was? A set of scales that even tells you your bmi! I didn’t dare open my mouth to try to be politely thankful, cause there’s mo way anything nice would have come out! LOL

  67. Anonymous says:

    I was three months pregnant and a woman at the bank asked me how far along I was (mind you the only reason she could even tell I was pregnant was because we started talking after she noticed I was rubbing my stomach) and said that it looked like I was carring twins! (I was carrying a single child, my daughter, and didnt even show until 4-5 months!!!!!

  68. Scoutmom415 says:

    My ex-MIL told me “Ya know, I am pro-choice !”

    Really who says that to a pregnant woman?!?

  69. weegiemama says:

    “I just want to make sure you’re not having a monster baby.”
    - My OB who was concerned that I was measuring very large as my due date was closing in and an ultrasound was scheduled.

  70. Anonymous says:

    My co-worker said in a loud voice across the lunch room “Here comes the big fat pregnant lady”!! Mean girl at her best.

  71. jadebailey24 says:

    From the teenage guy at the Target check-out counter: “How far along are you?” Me: “7 months.” Him: “DUDE!!!!! You look like you are going to pop TODAY!” Thanks, thanks for that…..

  72. Anonymous says:

    I am 37 years old and my mother in law was continuously mentioning special testing that I should have done to make sure the baby is ‘normal’. Totally crossing the line.

  73. Carrie Jefferson Wright says:

    A woman working with my grandmother looked at me and said “I’m so glad to hear your pregnant, I thought you were just getting really fat!”

  74. Rita Reynolds Stachowiak says:

    “Can you say Moo??”
    (-my very insensitive husband)

  75. jlc1082 says:

    cottage cheese ass, fat ass lazy pig, whiny bitchy attitude, get out of my house and i hate you and dont want to be with you… all because i asked him why he was being so rotten to me lately, because ive been leaving my water bottles next to the couch instead of getting them in the trash and because ive complained about having to put a whole bed together myself, move huge cabinets across the room myself, clean up stacked boxes and piles of paper myself because he just wont do it, next will be piles of books sitting in the living room i cant handle it, im 28 weeks pregnant, now measuring at 31 weeks.. and hes so rotten to me

  76. Sherri Middaugh says:

    Are you still with the father?- people from town or walking through the store

  77. Anonymous says:

    “Turn around and let me look at you from behind.” What?

  78. Anonymous says:

    I knew you couldn’t have put on that much weight for no reason! (and this was after i lost 7lbs while pregnant!)

  79. Sharon R. Maroldi says:

    Shouting from across a crowded parking lot, “I can see you’ve gained weight from here!”

  80. Lauren Harmon says:

    Are you sure you’re pregnant?

  81. Anonymous says:

    I had two ppl in one day tell me how big my butt was getting. I also had someone ask if I was having twins like 3 months before I was due. The answer was no I was just huge!

  82. Anonymous says:

    A lady said to me, “Only 7 months?! You’re bigger than I was at 9 months, and I had TWINS!!”

  83. Kelsey Elizabeth Page says:

    We were having our weekly Ultrasound and my doctor doesn’t say anything about his heart, or lungs… She just says ‘there are his balls’. Really? Is that the medical term?

    Worst thing during my pregnancy though wasn’t what someone said but what a WOMAN did. I was 7 months along and carrying bags with both hands. I had just gotten off one bus to transfer to another and the street was very busy as a parade had just finished. I felt people all around but when I turned to the woman next to me she was pulling my wallet out of my purse. I was in shock! She ran through the crowd and out of sight. It was awful!!

  84. FTM711 says:

    My SIL is seven weeks ahead of me (she’s 36 weeks pregnant, and I’m 29). We took my parents-in-law out to eat, and during dinner, she actually said to us: “Are you going to tell your baby she’s a mistake?” She constantly criticizes me behind my back as it is, but that is the most tactless comment I’ve ever heard. Her pregnancy WAS planned, and she thought my husband and I were trying to upstage her. She also told me, at the beginning of my second trimester, that the fact I’d only gained three pounds (after being nauseated and sick the first trimester) was “probably not good for the baby.” We have the same OB, and not only did he say my blood pressure is phenomenal, he also said I’m measuring appropriately for my due date. One of my husband’s colleagues said some pregnant women constantly make their gestational feats fodder for competition, but my SIL makes everything a competition. I could never do this to other pregnant women! We are ALL mothers, and we are ALL blessed. Some people need to stop expecting every woman’s pregnancy to be the same!

  85. FTM711 says:

    Oh, I wanted to add that I’ve gained 20 pounds now.

  86. Anonymous says:

    You don’t look pregnant,you just look FAT..huh thanks.

  87. Mom of 2 under 2 says:

    “Are you going to breastfeed?” Which usually comes with a judgment over whether or not you should.

  88. Sarah Lahey says:

    I was working in a restaurant, and attempting to seat some people, when the requested a table on the opposite side of the restaurant and said, ” you look like you could use the exercise anyway…”

  89. Diane Hunt Andrews says:

    Let’s not forget the things that our clueless hubbies say. It’s hard to choose a specific one. It’s either when I was asked “Would you like a scale for Christmas so you can see how much weight you’re gaining?” Or, my personal favorite, “Should you be eating that?!!”

    Needless to say…he was banned from the delivery room. ;)

  90. Anna Bourland says:

    I was 4 months pregnant with my first child. I went to a church group and a woman with 6 kids told me that I shouldn’t get an epidural because if they miss the spot, I would become a vegetable. She said she knew 2 people this happened to. Then she told me that her births were natural and described the pain in childbirth like shards of glass passing through a ring of fire. I cried for a whole night. :(

  91. Michelle Swan says:

    I was very surprised when I was told that some pregnant women don’t like to be told that they’re huge. We’re supposed to be huge. If we weren’t huge, everyone would be horribly worried about the baby’s health and rightly so. Huge is wonderful and beautiful and intoxicating in a pregnant woman. Admittedly, being that huge can also be quite uncomfortable, and I did feel a bit like a two-legged hippo during those last two months — but I still loved looking at that huge belly and saw it as joyful and delightful not disgusting or shameful or disappointing or ugly or -gasp- fat. I loved it when my friends and family commented on my huge belly. Calling a pregnant woman huge is complimenting her on her gloriousness, not calling her fat, and it says something tragically sad about our culture and its obsession with appearance and its equating of thinness with beauty that a pregnant woman could ever possible confuse the two. Calling a non-pregnant woman huge would be rude, but if you’re in your last two or three months of pregnancy, hugeness is to be celebrated. I greeted the comment You look like youre ready to pop! with a joyful, “I feel like it, too!” and Are you sure there aren’t twins in there? with a wistful, “Wouldn’t that be nice.” I certainly didn’t mistake either to imply that I “looked fat.”

  92. mrsweber says:

    When I told my MIL I was having an epidural she said well that’s stupid. I hope the doctor doing it doesn’t paralyze you, that would make taking care of a new born really difficult. Uh seriously….. thanks for that. Just for the record I had my epidural and it was wonderful!

  93. Anonymous says:

    I am amazed at how rude people can be! Some of the rudest comments said to me, 1)I thought you were just getting fat,2)I knew you were pregnant because you were getting wider,and my favorite,3)I know what your
    favorite hobby is…lying on your back!

  94. Jenn Coleman Guarracino says:

    I just spent the weekend getting pummeled by comments… some favorites:

    “It’s a girl. It’s definitely a girl – you are SOO wide!” OR “How far along are you?” I answer, they reply, “OH I would have thought further along. You look tired.”

    Another favourite : “Any day now!” Response, “Nope, a few more months -but thanks.”

  95. Tracy Rosen says:

    At 8 months, by someone I barely knew: ‘You must be getting close, your face and legs have really started to swell.’

  96. jennnnnnn says:

    How about 1 month after I delivered, several people made a comment that went something like this, “Are you pregnant AGAIN?”, (rubbing my momma pouch)

  97. Katharyne E. Hale says:

    Yeah, the worst thing for me was when people told me how pregnancy would go. This will happen and that would happen…when I had a one year old already. I could understand MAYBE if it was my first kid. But I know my body, I read the books, AND the first is still quite fresh in my mind, thank you very much!

    Some other fun little gems: “Are you sure you should be having a/another baby?” (I got that with BOTH kids), “That kid’s coming any day now!” (At 7 months), “Aren’t you eating too much?”, and “I’m so glad you decided not to get an abortion!” (What the hell?!) As well as anybody treating my kids like unfortunate accidents.

    The kicker? All that was family.

  98. Miromi says:

    ohh my favorite so fare has been from my MIL to my husband of 4 years * altho we’ve been together for like 9 years* she had to the nerve to ask him if he was sure the baby was his.

  99. Jeni Dodge says:

    I was asked my whole pregnancy if I was SURE I wasn’t having twins…kind of got annoying around month seven or so

  100. Ugh Life says:

    I have heard them all. Working retail I hear these comments at least 100 times a day. It does get old. Yesterday I was called stupid several times during a conversation with an elderly man (I was taught to respect my elders) so I 1/2 smiled through the conversation as he imparted his fatherly advice on me. I think what makes things so much worse is that I have recently become single, but I don’t think it makes me any less of a mother- if I could work 3 jobs I would- i’m just too tired to and I need to have time with my children. I have two darling little boys already. People always ask if I am going to keep “it”. Yes, I am going to keep him- he is my responsibility and didn’t ask to be brought into this world any more then I did. The other wonderful question is why I wasn’t on anything or why my tubes weren’t tied. I tell them like it is. I tried after I had my first and was told I didn’t meet the requirements. Again, after I had my second- I was told I don’t meet the requirements. Four years later and a lot of arguing with my ob/gyn and my insurance company (who refused to pay for birth control) finally said yes, you can tie your tubes. I jumped for joy. I was in the process of filling out the paperwork when I was told that they wouldn’t be able to do it because I was pregnant. I was like excuse me? Here my ex had been puncturing the condoms because he though another child would mend our deteriorating and failing relationship of on/off again 7 years. Now he doesn’t even want to help with the kids we already have. He argues with the courts and said he could only afford to give me $30.00/weekly for our two sons and they said okay. I have nothing for this baby and can’t really afford anything either, but I will make it work because as a parent this is what we do. All this in lieu of several horrible events in my life. A concussion, breast cancer forcing me to leave college,behavioral issues with my oldest, speech therapy for my youngest, messed up rotator cuff, having my foot parallel parked between two cars, giving away the last of my baby things 3-4 months before finding out I had another one on the way, getting my hours reduced at work (now making less then 180/weekly), becoming single, and having a pregnancy riddles with complication after complication- oh and having to move back in with the parentals and sleep on an air matress that constantly deflates though the night is just the icing on the cake.

  101. Rhonda Matthews says:

    I have been pregnant many time and have heard a lot of these so called rude statments, which by the way I never took as rude. People say what is on their mind. I would rather hear the truth “That’s going to be one big baby” ect. than someone trying to think of something fake to say like “how far along are you?” We need to quit being so overly sensitive, not everone it trying to be rude as much as they are being honest about what is on their mind. Take these comments in stride and don’t dwell on others uneducated words.

  102. Rhonda Matthews says:

    So was I and low and behold I had twins!

  103. phxMoon29 says:

    I had a woman yell at me for finding out I was having a girl. In the middle of the store I was working in she went off about how it’s god’s plan that it should be a surprise and blah blah blah. Then she proceeded to announce that she had an orgasm on the table after they announced she had a girl. I’m quite sure that isn’t possible, nor something that should be shared.

  104. Holly Peterson says:

    Ugh Life- You need some encouragement! Yes, your son is a treasure (as are the other two), and don’t forget, so are you! People are unbelievably rude. But some people really do care about you and I am one of them. I’m glad you are wise enough to take responsibility for your children. Sometimes life’s trials can be absoloutly unbelievably hard (thank you, captain obvious, right?) I haven’t been in your exact situation, but I know what it’s like to be beated down by one hard, sad, exhausting situation after another while going through a very difficult pregnancy. It’s like no one understands and your so sick of needing help even though it seems you can never get enough. My heart goes out to you and I am praying for you. The Bible tells me to weep with those who weep, and I do. “The darkness remains for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” I hope your joy comes soon. God has the hairs on your head numbered. He cares more about you than all the sparrows he feeds every day. And he’s not intimidated by our hard questions. I encourage you to talk to him. Who is he, anyway? I think he’d like to tell you.

  105. chupacabras says:

    Seriously? Like women who do fertility treatments don’t see right through the “Do multiples run in your family?” question? That is every bit as rude, perhaps even more so, because the person is still asking you if you did fertility treatments only they don’t even have the balls to man up to their real question.

  106. mamathia says:

    I got this question in disguise, presumably due to my geriatric status of 43 years of age… as in “So, tell me, how did it happen?” with a kind of implied wink-wink-nudge-nudge. I said: “Didn’t anybody ever teach you the birds and the bees??” Reply: “Well, yeah.” Me: “So there you go: it happened the good old fashioned way.” Reply: “Ah – the old fashioned turkey baster!” Me: “Uh, no [you rude b-st-rd] – the real old fashioned way.” Never have liked that guy.

  107. Carly Frith says:

    Where do I start? I was pregnant with my 5th and constantly got “You know how that happens don’t you?” All my kids were planned. “Wow, you look larger than your ___ weeks.” “They make things to prevent that you know.” “Mooooooooooo *oh yes he moo’d at me*”I was 37 when I had my last one and I also got the “wow, it must be hard to be an old mom.” I didn’t realize I was old.

  108. jenalex72 says:

    My doctor, while “checking me” said “boy, that 9 pounder sure did a number on you, huh” in reference to my son and his birth. I was floored!

  109. Anonymous says:

    walking across the street a guy yelled out the window of his car get out of the road fat ass

  110. KarenSaks Achziger says:

    At 42yo, I fall into the “Advanced Maternal Age” category and required medical assistance (fertility meds) to release a “good” (genetically sound) egg. Hoping this is my first–and last!–”live” birth (lost previous pregnancy in 2nd trimester). Very annoyed that people seem to feel the need to alert me to how old I will be when my baby graduates from high school (like I didn’t do the math–or that the math would even matter to somebody who highly desired to have a baby.)

  111. Alicia Melton Rogers says:

    I didn’t get any rude remarks (and thankfully no strangers trying to touch my belly!), but I did get nasty looks when I couldn’t wear my wedding ring. I did look young (though I was 23), and I live in a very conservative city, but the looks were a bit much, especially since I was already a Navy vet!

  112. Anonymous says:

    My girls are 15 months apart. About halfway through my second pregnancy someone I knew said to me “you’re bigger this time.”…the best part? I was lighter with my second pregnancy than my first. It was definitely the rudest comment I got.

  113. Tawny Terry says:

    I had a customer tell me that, because I’m so big at 6 1/2 months, I should plan on having a c-section. This is my 3 child and I’ve lost, not gained weight… and she was kind enough to say this in front of a store full of people…

  114. ambular says:

    I was 7 months pregnant with my second child and was ordering a sandwich. The clerk looked at me and said “Wow, you are big.” I was very hormonal and already having a bad day so I replied back, “I am 7 months pregnant. What is your excuse?” I know that was kind of mean but people should think before they speak.

  115. beccarc says:

    At 7 months pregnant, someone asked me if I had ever thought of losing weight for my health….

  116. Anonymous says:

    When i was pregnant with my son someone asked me if i was sure that i wanted a child because as soon as he comes my life is over and i responded no my life is beginning…

  117. Wafa says:

    I was feeling pretty good about myself, 6 months prego and I *thought* I looked awesome when an old lady at work told me that a) I need to wear looser tops b) serious consider wearing maternity tops or at the very least a larger size so tha…t things flow away from my belly & camoflauge rather than showcase my belly c) that my hollow of my navel showed through my top….Needless to say I felt like CRAP after that conversation. Another time I thought I was pretty fly 9 months prego in a nice summer dress and gladiator flats. Everyone that came into the elevator with me told me a) MY GOD look at your ankles, they’re so swollen. b) you look ready to pop, and c) you poor thing, carrying a baby in August. Again, did not feel so hot after that convo!

  118. Anonymous says:

    I told a friend (or should I say former friend) of mine that I was pregnant with my first child and she responded, with a tilt of her head, “Why?” I was so taken aback that I said, “Why, what?” She just repeated herself, “Why?” I went home that night, told my husband about the exchange and shed a few tears at the insensitivity that she showed, and the lack of excitement that I had expected from a friend.

  119. Anonymous says:

    I was out to dinner with a friend, who I no longer speak with, when I told her that I was expecting. She seemed excited for me and asked a lot of questions. However, her last comment of the evening really made me fume. She said, “I hope that you have a boy.” I said, “Oh, why?” She said, “I don’t think that you would be a good Mom to a girl.” I didn’t really know how to respond, but WTF? Why says that to someone, and what the heck does that even mean? I did indeed have a little girl, who is a developmentally advanced toddler, and I recently gave birth to a little boy.

  120. Amy Gentner says:

    I also had someone tell me that they couldn’t picture me a mother of a girl- I was like ummm… yea…. What else are you supposed to say to that? Some people…
    Also, after the birth of my 2nd son, my 7 year old sister in law told me I was to fat to hula hoop. So perhaps it starts at a young age??

  121. Firenat says:

    The worst was my sis-in-law, who decided to enumerate on the HORRORS of epidurals (giving me lots of gruesome examples of people she “knew”, of course) at my baby shower!! She tried to convince me that I would be paralyzed forever if I got the epidural instead of ‘going natural’.

  122. Firenat says:

    Oh, and of course the-ever-so-common: “Why can’t you eat 5 more pork chops? You’re eating for two, you know!” People were always trying to shove food down my throat, when I was nauseated or already full. If I denied any food, then I would be treated as if I were some sort of child-starving monster. It made me very angry.

  123. Laura says:

    How about don’t say ANYTHING to a woman that even remotely suggests you think she’s pregnant unless you are her doctor, she brings the subject up, or you see a baby coming out of her at that moment?

    Mind your own business, people. You think you’re being supportive or funny, but you’re really just being nosy, rude, and presumptuous.

  124. KW says:

    “Are you STILL pregnant?” Sometimes I was tempted to say, “No, I had the baby a week ago. This is a pillow.”

    And when I was 9 months along, in the grocery store, debating what kind of Oreos to buy for my husband, an older man took the package out of my hand and told me, “Your baby needs healthy food.” Sad for him, I snacthed the package back and threw it at him and told him if he touched me again, I’d scream bloody murder.

  125. scrappinmom19 says:

    I have never given birth, nor have been married, but have an adopted daughter. I have gotten looks, questions, all nosy asking why I have a daughter. She is now 18 and the joy of my life. My brother and Sister-in-law adopted a sib group of three after losing their one biological baby to SIDS, and then had a another baby after the adoption. They had been told both pregnancies should not have happend, but they did. The comment heard most- ” BOY you have been busy” None of anyones business, and the other comment from ones that know of the adoption- “are you going to send the others back now that you have one of your own?” NO, they are OURS!

  126. BSun says:

    Quite honestly, I am so tired of people asking how I’m feeling! And it’s the same person day after day that has driven me to this point (she also asks on a regular basis what my doctor says, even though anyone with any common sense would realize it’s none of her business).

  127. won says:

    My daughter was 3 and newly diagnosed with brain cancer. I found out I was pregnant a month later and was petrified. At first I thought this was a “replacement” baby….that the worst was going to happen. Then I came to look at it as God’s gift to my daughter. She’d been asking for a sibling and I had just told her she was going to be an only child! I thought I was done. So…I came to look at is as if God gave her her wish for going through such hell that year.

    So I relayed that story to a colleague. She said “well, that’s if she makes to see the new baby”. DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT?

  128. MP says:

    As a mom of twins, I second, third, and so on that we do NOT want to hear, “Do twins run in your family?” either while pregnant or after. Likewise, we do NOT want to hear, “You sure have your hands full.” Both get old very, very quickly.

  129. Graceeelizabeth says:

    I am 21 years old, but I look like I’m 15. A woman at secretary of state asked me if I was trying to be on “that show”…meaning 16 and pregnant.

  130. Becca Wohlfert says:

    I went with my sister to register and tour her new school. They thought I was the one registering! She was in 9th grade, and I was 22 and 8 months pregnant! They wouldn’t let it go until my step mom interviened. No, I do not need to know what your school offers to pregnant moms, thank ya much! lol

  131. Anonymous says:

    When I was pregnant with my first, I had two older men who thought they were being cute and funny but were very hurtful in their comments. I was way underweight when I got pregnant, sick as a dog for the majority of the time, and didn’t start showing until 7 months along. But when I did begin to show, I quickly showed abundantly. One time when I was feeling well and went to a potluck, one of the men made a very loud comment for all to hear when I walked in, “Oh boy, we need to get all of our food while we can; she’s here.” Towards the very end of the pregnancy, the other man made the comment one day that my husband should get a wheel barrow for me. Needless to say, these were not some of my favorite people after that.

  132. anonymous says:

    I was having a girl (had amnio) and because I was carrying high in the front, people kept telling me I was having a boy. Not a big deal, but when I’d say, “Actually, I’m having a girl,” people would argue with me! Yes, the doctor was right.

  133. Audie says:

    “You’ve gained a lot of weight in your face” has been my personal favorite so far.

  134. Emily Dowd says:

    When we first told my husand’s friend and girlfriend we were expecting our first, the girlfriend told me how small I still looked and that thinner women have trouble carrying to term! I also got tons of unwanted advice from the MIL about what not to eat, all of the inlaws bashing my favorite baby names and, I have to say, I understand people don’t know what to say, but all fo the “How are you feeling” got so old!

  135. Carina guevara says:

    I was having some cramping and bleeding during the first trimester of my pregnancy and was ordered by my doctor to stay at home and bed rest. Upon telling a friend who just had a baby and who is now —in her own eyes supermom. Her response was : maybe you are just overacting and it’s all in the mind. Yeah, that was the winner for me.

  136. Sarah Downs says:

    I have a coworker that everytime I walk by say “waddle, waddle, waddle!”, and then laughs. For one, I’m starting my 9th month and no I don’t waddle, plus I’m already self conscious about how big I’ve gotten. So just one more thing I need.

  137. merkitaminasi says:

    i never took any of this stuf as offensive while i was pregnant..ppl r way too sensitive

  138. Sarah Downs says:

    Not really a mean thing, just one of those “how do I respond to this” comments. I have two cats, I had multiple people tell me to get rid of them because they’ll “steal the baby’s breath” or “suck the milk out of the baby’s mouth and kill it.” Really?! How do you respond to that?

  139. Cambrinette Payne says:

    @won congratulations on your baby & the blessinggift that she is to both u & your firstborn. sn: the nerve of some people & their insensitiverude a** comments!
    @scrappinmom19 all i can say is wow (about them asking if the adopted children would get returned) like they are a productmerchandise that was bought @ the store!

  140. AB says:

    @KW- I used to get the “Are you still pregnant?” question from people who thought it was hardy-hardy-har funny. So, 2 months after I gave birth, we went to a costume party, where I put on a fancy maternity dress (I’d had to go to a wedding while pregnant), with a pillow stuffed under it. Most people thought it was funny, but some people freaked out to see the pregnant woman drinking wine!

  141. mkaramitsos says:

    Take heart, ladies. People say the goofiest things. Sometimes it’s just sheer insensitivity. Other times, they open their mouths without thinking. Check this out…things people have actually said to women who’ve suffered a miscarriage.

  142. tori says:

    My Best friend asked me when I told her I was first pregnancy, “How likely is it that you will be able to carry this baby to term” Thanks needless to say at 8 months pregnant I’m not over it

  143. Megan E. B. Foldenauer says:

    After telling my boss I was pregnant, she said, “You know who this is going to be hard on? …ME!” Sigh.

  144. Over50ButStillRemember says:

    The thing I hated most was complete strangers touching my belly. My husband said get over it. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one bothered.

  145. Adelvise says:

    Totally Hilarious. I love that people think that just because you are prego that they can do or say whatever they want to you. Hilarious.
    Feeling Overwhelmed about your pregnancy? Visit:!

  146. Loriann says:

    When my baby boy was born prematurely and died, people kept saying “It’s for the best” or “He’s in a better place.” I would have preferred it if they had asked if I needed anything or just a simple “I’m so sorry” would have been better.

  147. Loriann says:

    Another thing, when someone tells me that they are pregnant (or, when I was pregnant) the nicest thing to say is “Congratulations” or “I’m so happy for you.” It depends on the situation I guess, but in general I believe just saying something pleasant without being intrusive, rude or hurtful is the best way to go.

  148. Anonymous says:


  149. Kit says:

    I was 16 when I was pregnant. The worst things I heard were “Didn’t you use a condom?” and “You won’t be able to party after.” and “You should abort. Nobody under 25 is mature enough to be a good mom.”

    I mean sure my pregnancy wasn’t planned but that doesn’t make my birth control any of your issue nor does it mean I ever party. And never ask “Is the dad around?”. It’s none of your business. It’s not a tragedy and it’s none of your business. Also “Are you keeping it?”

    If you wouldn’t ask a 20- something then don’t ask a teen mum either. We can be good mums too.

  150. Single says:

    I’m sick of people asking me “What does you husband do?”. I’m a single mum, her dad left when she was born.

  151. ss says:

    My mom was asked by a female coworker a few weeks before she had me “When in god’s sake was she going to drop this watermelon?”. I am almost 21 and my mom still brings this story whenever we come to know about someone’s pregnancy- she bloody hates that woman.

  152. Paula J Inman Decker says:

    I was told by a fellow co worker that I “would never lose all that pregnancy weight” or the people who asked what my husband “had to say about it” when I said two was enough for me

  153. alicia says:

    God I am carrying twins and im 30 weeks today , Ive only gained 12 pounds and this still irritates me when someone says this!!

  154. Leah Rachel Bordow says:

    I gotta say the worse comment I got was from my fiance. I wasn’t sure if he was being sarcastic or serious, but to either extent it was harsh and upsetting. He said “are you gaining enough weight?”

  155. Leah Rachel Bordow says:

    My mother asked about baby names and when I told her our top choice the first thing she said to me is “I’m not calling my grandson that. I’ll make up my own name for him”

  156. Emily M says:

    My own mother commented to everyone at our father’s day bbq yesterday that I looked like a chipmunk. I am eight months pregnant, by the way. Then she proceeded to say,”Look at how fuzzy Emmy’s face is. I never had a fuzzy face when I was pregnant. But don’t worry, it’s all hormones.” Thanks, Mom.

  157. Danielle Cottrell says:

    The worst comment I ever had was on the fact I was having a C-section. I had family members coming to me saying “Oh, your opting or the easy way out…”. I wanted so badly to say “No, Im not, my son is breech, and your insensitive”.

    p.s. Since when did serious surgery become the “easy way out”?

  158. April Sumner says:

    The advice about asking if multiples run in your family is not great advice honestly. That is no different than asking straight out “Did you take fertility drugs?” I used fertility drugs to conceive my twins and when someone asked the “Does twins run in your family?” thing I would say “No” and then they would just look at me wanting me to explain then why I am pregnant with twins. I feel it is just as invasive. A better approach is not to question someone in any way how they ended up with multiples.

  159. April Sumner says:

    Another thing to never say to a pregnant woman-I had people tell me I was too small to have twins. Not really remarking so much on my stomach because I got huge in that area as the pregnancy went along. But I was just an all over small person when I got pregnant with twins wearing a size 2. So I was skinny. I don’t get why people would say I was too small to have twins. Like they were trying to say I will lose them or something due to not being a hulking huge woman. I had no idea how to even reply to them when they said that. I just looked at them.

  160. sivob says:

    No 21: We were having our weekly ultrasound and my doctor didnt say anything about the babys heart or lungsinstead, she said: And there are his balls. Really? Is that the medical term?

    Not sure if it’s a medical term, but sure that’s how you detect the baby’s gender.

    Not trying to be politically correct, aside sexist or not, I think it’s common for parents eager to know their baby’s gender.

    SO, what’s wrong with the doctor

  161. April Sumner says:

    I was pregnant with two boys and all I ended up with for sonogram pictures was penis pictures! They thought I would just love having proof they were boys to cherish forever. I got a lot of pics of their privates with arrows pointing to the penis. LOL there was never any doubt they were boys I guess.

  162. Lauren Lafferty says:

    So true!

  163. Les says:

    I was pregnant with baby #5. In an elevator I was asked “Is this your first?” “No, my fifth.” “Are you Catholic? Same father?”

  164. brawlberry says:

    I have two daughters already – my oldest is mildly autistic and my youngest has ADHD along with anxiety issues. When I got pregnant again, my dad told me that he couldn’t be happy for me because he was worried I was going to have “another retarded baby.” Um, WHAT?

  165. sweetpea88 says:

    for some reason people always thought that I was some 14 year old teen mom.(probably due to the fact that I am less then 100 lbs and only 5 ft tall, and just look like a child) and I always got asked “Did you/are you going to finish high school?” or “Shame, there goes your college education!” I really enjoyed telling them that I had both.

  166. Summer says:

    The day I had my first baby, I was in natural unmedicated labor for 27 hours at a waterbirthing facility. My friend had to drive me and my ex there.
    She is over 40, I was only 24 years old. She’d never been married or pregnant, either. She acted happy for me, until halfway through it all, when she started bitching about how long we had been there. Before I had my baby, I had told her I wanted her in the room for the birth. She never came in the whole time. Then when we were getting ready to leave the place, she was really mean and bitchy. She said I’m sorry, I am really happy for you guys, but jealous at the same time. She was frowning and scowling the whole ride back home. It’s been one year since then, and I still haven’t forgiven her. I was in labor on my birthday, the least she could have done is been more fucking compassionate. I blacked out while standing after the birth, and could barely walk from stitches. >:(

  167. jamie913 says:

    Two days after I had my son my grandmother came to the hospital to see me and she said, “I never pictured you as the motherly type. I always pictured you sister having the kids.” That pissed me off. I can’t believe she could ever say that to her own granddaughter right after having a baby.

  168. Charlene Nicole Hill says:

    @ Jamie913, don’t feel bad. My great-Aunt told me that I was fat like my aunts…and I haven’t even had my baby yet. She was telling me that 2 years before I got pregnant. That’s one thing about older people…some of them have no tact when it comes to commenting on others.

  169. carolyn says:

    being a mom of 6 and having had 3 miscarriages on top, I can honestly say i could write a book about this subject. Note the more you have, the more people think you are fair target.”on the 6th one they just fall out,right?” sensitive area as I was one of those who had 2 and 3 day induction as well as being a vbac after a primary c-sx with my 1st for what? failure to progress. I got the are you catholic or mormon and the same father comment.My husband is catholic and I was raised mormon but still. I usually said Yes but this isn’t a religious pregnancy a. (baby 4) we were celebrating groung hog’s day our special way 5. hubby came home for lunch and there is nothing better than a nooner 6. my husband can’t get enough of me.or some other usually raunchy comment. I find be as sweet as can be and make it look like an overshare so you aren’t looked on as a b*tch works in fending off questions.

    “don’t you know how birth control works” my god you are huge(I have large for gestational age babies and no I am not diabetic which was also asked by people)are you going to have a c-sx followed by the why put yourself in danger. One of my sons was lga from 16 weeks on and was 5 weeks premature 9lbs and 24 inches long. he is 13 now and is already 6’4″ 270 lbs. and the doc says he isn’t evenn close to finishing growing. Try finding size 16 shoes and being patted on the head and being called his “little mommy”( i am 5’8″) but I digress.

    even had a sil who said I was endangering my child by trying a vbac.( this was with every pregnancy after my 1st was born by c-sx all the others were sucessful vbacs)

    My advice. one most people are trying to connect and be apart of your pregnacies. You will find most women, espcially ones with kids have been to enough playdates that have gone over every intimate detail that they sort of lose boundaries. some are just being nasty people.I always evaluated my response by motive.

    All time worst came after the pregnacy. I went to class(I was in college with my 2nd and first vbac) and the TA knowing I wasn’t due yet said haven’t you had that baby yet just joking around. I started bawling in full hormones and wailed ” I had the baby three days ago”. She was so embarrased she let me bring my son to class for the rest of the semester. :)

  170. carolyn part 2 says:

    Also in defense of those questions, I would never have even heard the term VBACS in my town nor found a great doc in Houton 2 hours away. I would never have learned about other forms of pain management nor doulas. Some kind mom shared these things during playdates and I learned far more from playdates than I ever learned from “What to expect when you are ” just sayin’
    Sorry about the long posts !

  171. Jenna Haggerty says:

    The nurse in the delivery room during my csection for an almost 11 pound baby said “he’s got all ten fingers, all ten toes and two chins!” I was so angry! My child was big and healthy, not obese! AND! He did not have a double chin.

  172. Candace Elmore says:

    i had a good pregnancy other than severe morning sickness that lasted the entire time .. i was so small ppl couldent tell i was pregnant my daughters 3 months and i still get asked if i had her yet…i hope so lol

  173. Ashley Coffman says:

    “Calm down”, “Chill out”, or “relax”. These have been grating on my nerves lately, especially because when they were said, I *was* calm and relaxed. But even if I wasn’t, telling me to be those things ironically doesn’t help me get there.

  174. April Pruitt Harper says:

    Sam! this is for you!!

  175. lydia brown says:

    I am 35 weeks and boy have I been hearing some of these comments a lot! Especially the “Are you sure your not having twins?” and “When are you going to have that baby!?” I want to punch them in the face! I can’t believe the negativity of some people…and the rudeness! Don’t they realize how sensitive we are? I try to ignore it but when I hear it more than a few times in one day, I usually break down. Oh well, only one more month…

  176. Nelle says:

    That’s way the betsest answer so far!

  177. Cathy says:

    And I was just wdoneirng about that too!

  178. Xexilia says:

    Such a deep aswner! GD&RVVF

  179. Sugar says:

    That’s not just the best awnser. It’s the bestest answer!

  180. Blondy says:

    And I was just wnoedring about that too!

  181. Elric says:

    I’ll try to put this to good use immeidately.

  182. Dalton says:

    That?s ralley shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  183. Lisa Weinstein says:

    How about this: My husband’s friends were visiting us and I had just had an ultrasound at the emergency room because of a threatened miscarriage at 8 weeks. I asked his friend, Ryan if he wanted to see the ultrasound pics and he said, “No. I don’t want to see a picture of your blob of tissue!” Needless to say, I was livid considering the fact that I had miscarried my first and had just had a threatened miscarriage with that “blob of tissue”. Grrrrr…makes me mad all over again just thinking about it!!!

  184. Rasputin says:

    When my niece was in labor, the anesthesiologist administering the epidural told her to “stop whining”.

  185. Anonymous says:

    When i found out i was pregnant with my second child and told my family my aunt looked at me and wrinkled her nose saying “AGAIN??” the kicker is she has 4 kids of her own.

  186. Tricia Schmitz says:

    I was shopping for some pants as mine were starting to get tight. The store worker said “you know, this IS the maternity section!” I said “gee that’s good seeing as though I am PREGNANT!”

  187. Ness says:

    I used to work with a girl who commented “wow you can really start to see that your pregnant now as your arse has really grown”, she then started calling me “fatty” as I got bigger (she claimed it was in an affectionate way).

  188. Karen says:

    While i was working some one asked me “and you’re happy [that you're pregnant]???” i obviously said yes and then she said “you’re happy to have a parasite growing inside you?!?!?!” needless to say this girl is convinsed she will never have kids, and i hope she doesnt if she thinks they’re parasites, ugh im mad just thinking about this again!

  189. Misspeyton says:

    “you can’t have a baby shower. This baby isn’t your first!”. I was heart broken that they didn’t want to welcome my second or any child after my first into the world!

  190. Andrea Fantigrossi Giglio says:

    “wow, that dress is really tight on you!” (when I had about a month to go and was wearing what I thought was a jumper that showed off my beautiful baby belly)

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  192. Kierra says:

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  225. Mary says:

    Frenemy: Have your boobs gotten bigger?
    Me: Yea, I went from a 34B to a 36C!
    Frenemy: Oh, so you got wider too!!

  226. Bri says:

    You don’t really look much different, maybe a bit fatter, but it’s hard to tell with your original size… -my mother in law.

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  228. SAHDandproud says:

    Flip side of this?
    Someone I used to work with, minutes before she was about to pitch for a big account, was asked when ‘it was due’ and told ‘you should have said something.’ She didn’t connect but I could see the whole thing unfolding horribly. She smiled and said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ She was then asked ‘When’s the baby due? You’re pregnant. Aren’t you?’
    She wasn’t pregnant.
    It was painful.
    There’s a moral there somewhere…

  229. Anonymous says:

    I think women can be way too sensitive. I loved letting strangers feel my belly and laughed and agreed when people would comment and joke about about how big my belly was getting. It’s such a unique and special time that people, in sometimes clumsy ways, want to take part in. I think it’s sad when pregnant women waste opportunities to spread the joy their presence naturally brings into a room by being perpetually offended by others’ reactions to her, which are usually prompted by nothing but good intentions.

  230. Cie Cheesemeister says:

    Anonymous, it’s nice that you were able to be that comfortable and easygoing during your pregnancy, but not everyone is wired that way. I don’t like being touched, particularly by strangers, in any sort of intimate way. Some of us have not particularly good past experiences with being touched, i.e. sexual molestation. I do not think it’s a good idea to touch a pregnant woman’s belly unless she gives express permission. The only time I didn’t mind this sort of thing was when the toucher was a small child. Then it was cute.

  231. So Annoying says:

    I agree with Cie Cheesmeister. I don’t like to be touched by anyone except my husband and very close family. In fact, 3 people were allowed to touch my pregnant belly (besides myself) and they were my doctor, my husband, and my mother. Everyone else got a swat on their hand and a “I wouldn’t come rub your belly, don’t touch mine!” The worst comments I got though were “Have you been hitting the snacks a little hard lately?” when someone came in for an appointment with my boss and I stood to greet them, I was 7 months pregnant, and “How dilated are you?”. Like the status of my vagina was the business of the person checking me out at the grocery store!

  232. Chelsea Farley says:

    I have heard just about all of these. Including the “is it your husband’s…” Most embarrassing is walking into a Pizza Hut and being told by the hostess i should probably sit in the nearest table bc I looked like I was about to pop. Yes, I know that I do… I have twins on the way, but I still have 9 weeks to go, so thanks for reminding me of just how more miserable I’m going to be… And to add to it, we asked for a booth and the waitress asked if I was going to fit! Then the manager came over and started asking all kinds of questions, so we were surrounded by 3 weird ladies asking us all kinds of things and when they finally left, my husband says, “See, this is why I don’t bring you anywhere anymore!” Totally true story…

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  282. Cassandra Schoenenberger says:

    Hahaha! Of course if you ask if she knows what she is having she will probably respond, “A baby.” lol. Better to ask if she knows if the baby is a boy or girl.

  283. Shirley Serfass says:

    This is so true people ask the stupidest questions and make the stupidest remarks!

  284. Laura Dumas says:

    My mil asked “what if it’s retarded or… a midget?” when I was 8 months. So I told her that would be ok too as I was hoping for green with pink polka dots! She also stated that my husband had an amazing girlfriend many years ago and that I should name my baby after HER. Don’t even get me started about her reading the baby obit poems!! Everyone else’s stupidity just washed off after that!! hahaha.

  285. Laura Dumas says:

    oh!! and how hard it was to talk about anything else other than being pregnant! I still existed behind that belly – had other thoughts and feelings on other topics and wanted to talk about life, the universe and everything… but I got “so, are your feet swollen all the time?” “do you have hemorroids yet?”. And they say it’s the mommy that gets the brain drain. *eye roll*

  286. Rachel Beaudoin says:

    A complete stranger asked me if I was having twins because a girl he worked with was pregnant with twins and she wasn’t as large as I was at 8 months pregnant.

  287. Chelsea Reager says:

    I was told when i was pregnant with my first by one of my friends that it was stupid to have a baby right then. i was like well its a lil late now but i think i can handle it

  288. beez says:

    “You better pray that the baby will not have Syndrom Down”

  289. Heidi Pope says:

    Someone had the nerve to say “I’m sorry”… seriously?!?! Then when I responded with “I’m not, we have been trying.” she had the nerve to say “Why?”

  290. Kathryn Armstrong says:

    I was asked by someone I didn’t know whether or not I knew who the dad was. Makes you wonder where some people get their manners from.

  291. Lizabird says:

    Ugh, god I hate the epidural one! Or any statement that puts my judgement as a woman and as a parent into question. Back off, people!

  292. Christina Gatton says:

    everyone kept asking me if i really was preggers because i barely showed until i was 8mon. its like….no ive been telling a white lie for 8mon. come on ! really ?

  293. Irena says:

    A friend told me he couldn’t support my pregnancy because I’m diabetic and ” it was dangerous for both me and the baby”. Yeah, we’re not friends anymore. Also she’s perfectly healthy, thank you very much!

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  295. Wendi Watson says:

    wow! that is really screwed up that someone questioned whether or not you should be having a baby since you have a 1 year old at home. -Kathryne. I’d be pretty upset if someone said that to me. i have a 14 mth.
    old. The funny part is if it was a surprise do you really have choice and its none of peoples buissness.

  296. Wendi Watson says:

    oh did i forgot to mention that i am 4 1/2 mths pregnant and i have a 14 mth old? so yeah, i can definitly relate.

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    I was at work at 37 weeks, sharing some of the aches and pains I was having associated with Braxton Hicks and the baby sitting low on my pelvic bone. A coworker responded, “Oh, just you wait. It gets a lot worse.” Gee, thanks for the positive encouragement!

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  308. Roxy says:

    you really should get some kind of a filter or security on this website.

    With regards to this post, I have made some of those question mistakes, so thanks for the heads up on what not to say!

  309. Iya says:

    I’m not a mom (nor will I ever be) but I’m annoyed behalf of all women whose bellies a stranger touches. Not every one likes to be touched! And if I’m to touch other women’s bellies, it’s due my work (I’m a district nurse). I’ve never touched my pregnant friend’s bellies, I think they NEED to have a say over the subject.
    And rude comments, why?!! (Okay, some people weren’t standing in line for brains and hence were left without one. That explains their stupidity..) It’s not your business to judge people for having (in your opinion) “too many” children. And what if twins run in the family, why would you care?
    At times when I have witnessed people harrasing pregnant women I have wanted to shout “why don’t you ask who the mom is” or “wouldn’t you like to know the position she used to get pregnant as well?”
    *boiling in anger*

  310. Megan Jones says:

    Best rude comment I had made to me was while I was actually giving birth: I had been pushing for about 10 minutes and I yelped(ok I screamed) as the baby’s head crowned. The nurse looked right at me and said, “You’re overreacting, it can’t hurt that bad.” Really, lady? And just how many kids do YOU have?

  311. Dalia Colon says:

    I’m a health reporter (and expectant first-time mommy). I recently wrote an article about pregnancy etiquette in the Facebook page. Here’s a link:

  312. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh some of those comments are horrible! At my baby shower, a cousin of mine said, “Hey Chubby!” when she walked in the door. I was so hurt that I almost cried. I have a whole bunch more about rude comments on my website!

  313. bushi says:

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  320. snugglebunny3 says:

    My MIL kept asking me if my ex was going to come around trying to start trouble by claiming it is his baby and try to take it from us. I haven’t seen my ex in several years.

  321. Kelly618 says:

    My cousin told me my boyfriend just might be one of those guys that doesnt find pregnant women attractive. Situations couldnt have been becuase of long stressful work hours!

  322. smash215 says:

    I told my sister before I told the rest of the family because I’m going through college and all that fun stuff and I wanted some sisterly support. Well my sister said “Your’e not keeping it are you! Do you really think you can rise a child with him” (talking about my boyfriend for over 3 years). Then another one I can’t stand is when people ask if I am married. No I am not, we decided we are not going to get married because of the baby but when we feel that its right. I get evil glares from them…probably doesn’t help I live in the South.

  323. Celticrai says:

    What is it about being pregnant that gives people licence to tell you their labor nightmares? This is my second pregnancy and I’ve had the same people tell me the same scary stories both times :/

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  327. Steph says:

    I disagree with “Do multiples run in your family?” as an alternative to “Did you use fertility drugs?” By providing this alternative, you are saying it’s still okay to poke and prod for information in a roundabout way. There is NO alternative to this question. My reproductive history is not your business, no matter how you ask. I know that some are open about their experiences, but you need to err on the side of respecting privacy.

  328. Abbysmom says:

    The rudest thing someone said to me was “Wow, you’re huge, you must be about to pop.” When I was only 6 months along. Then they asked if I was carrying twins – I wasn’t

  329. Anonymous says:

    the rudest thing ive encountered thus far…over and over and over again…is “dont u know what causes pregnancy?” um yeah, pretty sure i do, this being #4.

  330. Anonymous says:

    I have heard this a million times…YES I am 41..yes I did this on purpose…yes I used some drugs to help..just as I probably used alcohol the first 3…and yes I am having twins by choice..thank stupid people…!!

  331. Elba1216 says:

    We were hoping for a girl during my second pregnancy and during my ultrasound the unenthusiastic technician nonchalantly told me “it’s a girl.” so I replied “r u sure?” n she had an annoyed look, pointed at the screen and said “I’ll print it out for you.” Basically she was done and maybe thought I was questioning her credibility. Nevertheless, she was rude!

  332. Ash812 says:

    Some one told me ” wow you are bigger every time I see you” I almost said so are you but that would have been not very nice

  333. NeNe says:

    This is absolutely none of your business!

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  337. Anonymous says:

    I am so over people asking how I’m feeling at 35 weeks…maybe an alternative…how are you coping?

  338. Anonymous says:

    “You do know what causes that, right?”

  339. kathryn says:

    the one about the balls in entertaining

  340. Anonymous says:

    I have heard several good reports about the use of an epidural during labor , however I have heard some bad ones also would like feedback on people who had epidurals and their experiences with it

  341. vanessa says:

    I disagree with a lot of these. I know people who have told me they are pregnant because they were showing but they were NOT happy about it. It was unplanned. So to ask someone “Was it planned” is a way to find out what to say next: “Oh that is great! Congratulations!” vs. “It’s going to be ok. :) It may not have been planned but you will have lots of help and support. Kids are great!”

  342. mchere says:

    At 8 1/2 months my MIL over lunch asked me how much weight I had gained. When I told her 30 lbs, she twisted her face and groaned. “Well, you’ll eventually lose it, I guess,” she said. I could have strangled her.

  343. agnes says:

    my sister-in-law responed to my good news: it’s your first one, you will certainly miscarry, but congratulations anyway. and my husband and my MIL are surprised i don’t want to keep in touch with her even though that when my daughter was born she did not congratulate us and told my MIL she did not care at all. my duaghter is gonna be 1 year next week. nice right!

  344. agnes says:

    my sister-in-law responed to my good news: it’s your first one, you will certainly miscarry, but congratulations anyway. and my husband and my MIL are surprised i don’t want to keep in touch with her even though that when my daughter was born she did not congratulate us and told my MIL she did not care at all. my duaghter is gonna be 1 year next week. nice right!

  345. Seisa says:

    While waiting outside of the school for my children with all the other mothers, a woman that I had went to school with asked “So, you are for sure pregnant then?” I was 34 weeks!! I laughed, pushed my belly out further and said “No, I’m just getting fat right in this one area.”

  346. Caitlin says:

    The worst thing that was ever said to me came from my mother-in-law. Upon seeing her for the first time since we had made the announcement that we were expecting, she says to me, “Congratulations, I guess. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.”

    Talk about rude and completely inappropriate!

  347. Rachelle says:

    I was walking in to church (36 weeks) and some one came up to me and said “hi chubby”, annoyed I did not respond, as I was reaching for a half of a doughnut, I heard him say “you look like you’ve gained some weight”….didn’t eat doughnut.

  348. conchita says:

    As the mother of 5, including twins, I often got “haven’t you figured out what caused that yet?”, which infuriated me to no end. So I started retorting with “Yes, I HAVE figured out what causes that. However, why people make snide comments about whether or not I have ‘figured it out’ still eludes me.”

  349. Roberta says:

    My husband and I were secretly absolutely delighted we were able to conceive after just 1 month (a fact we had kept to ourselves), however we had one friend who would announce loudly at every opportunity “but you guys have been trying for a long time haven’t you?”. He even did this at his own wedding in front of a group of people we didn’t even know. Very embarrassing for us but even more irritating because it wasn’t true. No idea why he felt the need to do that.

  350. Varity says:

    Ha…When an older man in my church found out I was pregnant he told my husband, “We sure are glad you didn’t know what you were doing!” Um…Actually, you disgusting man, I was on birth control as if that’s any of your business. It had nothing to do with my husband’s sex knowledge.

  351. jacqui rondinelli says:

    How about just a very hard look and “And why would this be your business?” I had 6 children born within 11 years, and everyone had something to say. I got pregnant on every known method of birth control at that time. At the store, just call the manager, say your cashier just insulted me and I am not shopping here any more.

  352. Erika Ann says:

    So many comments I’ve heard in the little town of mine that seems to judge you like they are putting you up for death row but the one that really gets to you is, “Wow, Don’t you believe in birth control !!!” I have 5 wonderful blessings and work hard to take care of them. I hate the way others will make you feel like you owe them an explanation for what you do or don’t.!

  353. Pat says:

    I was a lot older when I met and married my husband, and was expecting our first child when I was 42. We were buying baby items and the cashier asked if it was for our grandchild….I was about 7 months along at the time.

  354. Nancy says:

    Make sure you listen to the question and your don’t let your own defenses flair up. I was in the final weeks of my third pregnancy trying to wrangle my two boys 14 months and 34 months and trying to graciously engage in a conversation with a beautiful woman in a tailored suit while waiting for my mother’s plane to arrive. After chatting about her exciting job, I thought she asked me “What do you do?” implying that chasing after my boys wasn’t really a career. When I just stared at her, she repeated her question… “When are you due?” “Oh,” I replied. “In a couple of weeks.” “You are amazing!” she replied in what seemed to me in awe. It made my day.

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