Evenflow Bebek Bottle Starter Kit (WINNER!)


With only six weeks to go in my pregnancy, I’ve just started to think about getting the supplies ready for this little guy. Six week sounds like a long time, but I’m sure these last few weeks will feel like they’re flying by.

I told my husband just a few days ago to start hunting for the stashed away bins of boy clothes, and to start locating where all the newborn gear went (mostly in the attic or basement, I’m hoping).

While I’m trying to reuse most of what I’ve already accumulated, bottles are always something I buy new. For some reason, my kids are exceptionally tough on them.

One very lucky “being pregnant” reader will also be getting a brand new set of bottles for their little one. The randomly selected winner of our  Evenflow Bebek Bottle Starter Set giveaway is:

#126, Stacy Davis, who won by following @babblepregnancy on Twitter

Thanks to everyone who entered, if you want to learn more about the bottles, check out the Evenflow website for more information.

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