Everything You Need For Your New York Yankees Baby Shower


Spring is finally here and so is the start of the baseball season!

I have loved baseball as far back as I can remember — both watching and playing. Although I am Canadian, my favorite team in the MLB is without a doubt the New York Yankees. I think my love for the team started off since it was the rival team for the Toronto Blue Jays and it made watching the games with my family more interesting, but it’s here to stay.

I’m trying hard to get the kids on my baseball team and so each one of them has a Yankees blanket that we call their “Yankeet.” So far, they’re not terribly interested in baseball, but I still have high hopes.

I have been looking around at fun baby shower ideas and if you’re a big fan of the Yankees too, I’ve rounded up all you need for your NY Yankees themed baby shower.

  • Everything You Need for Your Yaknees Shower 1 of 15
    Everything You Need for Your Yaknees Shower
    If you're a huge fan of the Yankees, this is the perfect baby shower theme!
  • Baby Shower Invite 2 of 15
    Baby Shower Invite
    A clever invite disguised as a baseball ticket is the perfect way to start off your party.
    Get one for your party from CLaceyDesign/Etsy, $15
  • Boat Decor 3 of 15
    Boat Decor
    If you're looking for fun ways to decorate or a unique favor gift, these boats can be filled with all sorts of fun wonder.
    Get one for your party from Princess & The P Diaper Cakery/Etsy, $42
  • Table Cloth 4 of 15
    Table Cloth
    Set the whole theme up right with this Yankees table cloth.
    Get one for your party from Shop. $19.99
  • Baby Onesie 5 of 15
    Baby Onesie
    If you're having a meet-and-greet shower or just looking for fun decorations, this onesie is the perfect fit.
    Get one for your party from LittlesCloset/Etsy, $12
  • Baby Shoes 6 of 15
    Baby Shoes
    If you're looking for a gift that fits the theme, these are too cute not to get!
    Get one for your party from CindyStyles/Etsy, $15
  • Edible Cupcake Toppers 7 of 15
    Edible Cupcake Toppers
    If you love cupcakes, make sure to give them the baseball and Yankees theme with these cute toppers.
    Get one for your party from Tutu Cute Cakes/Etsy, $24
  • Gift Wrap 8 of 15
    Gift Wrap
    You can use this gift wrap in so many ways -- to decorate the party favors, to cover the table or use as decor under the food.
    Get one for your party from Shop. $24.99
  • Cake Pops 9 of 15
    Cake Pops
    These are so cute with the Yankees and the baseballs, perfect treat!
    Get one for your party from Be Sweets/Etsy, $16
  • Flower Pot Decorations 10 of 15
    Flower Pot Decorations
    You can use this painted flower pot as serving cups for candy and other treats.
    Get one for your party from GingerPots/Etsy, $15.63
  • Yankees Diaper Cake 11 of 15
    Yankees Diaper Cake
    Because every baby shower needs to have a diaper cake, this one is perfect.
    Get one for your party from Toocutediapercakes/Etsy, $75
  • Name Banner 12 of 15
    Name Banner
    The perfect way to share your baby-to-be's name or even a fun gender reveal.
    Get one for your party from Thebannergirls/Etsy, $30
  • Printable Labels 13 of 15
    Printable Labels
    You can top your cupcakes with these printables or use them to label the buffet food.
    Get one for your party from WhenIWasYourAge/Etsy, $6.25
  • Banner Decoration 14 of 15
    Banner Decoration
    Spruce up the walls for your party with this awesome, large Yankees banner.
    Get one for your party from Shop. $24.99
  • Favor Bag 15 of 15
    Favor Bag
    Wrap up your guests party favors in this fun Yankees gift bag
    Get one for your party from favoritesbyglenda/Etsy, $20.85

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