Now and Then - The Modern Dad vs The Father of the Past

Modern Dads are SO Different! Check Out The Now and Then of The Role of Dad
Modern Dads are SO Different! Check Out The Now and Then of The Role of Dad

The Leave It To Beaver days are over.

Mom goes to work, when Dad does. 50% of couples will divorce. With these changes, also comes the evolution of a Dad’s role with their children.

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From  the moment the pregnancy test says POSITIVE  – through delivery, labor  and birth – the Modern Dad is there actively participating. That role and connection with his child continues through-out his life. No longer does Mom does hold 100% responsibility of the children. The Modern Dad is there to carry part of the commitment.

The boundaries on what a mother’s role is vs a father’s role  is blurring.  Check out how the Modern Dad and how his role has changed from the father of the past.

How New Dads Differs From Fathers of the Past:

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More power to these fathers that are stepping up to the plate and being a key role model to their children.  As time passes with this new father dynamic, it will be interesting to see the long term benefits children of today will receive from this new type of relationship that they have with their dad that previous generations did not have.

What Changes Do You See In Fatherhood Today – From The Father You Were Raised With?