Facebook Adds 'I'm Expecting' Option

Facebook's new option lets you keep friends and family updated on your pregnancy.

Many women use Facebook to give friends, family and strangers a blow by blow of their pregnancy cravings, morning sickness, weight gain and yes, bathroom behaviors.

Now, Zuckerberg and his cronies at Facebook are making it easier for the mama-to-be to share what’s going down with her pregnancy with their new ‘I’m expecting’ option. Perhaps it’s a response to all the expectant parents who went against Facebook rules and added actual profiles for unborn babies (all users must be born and at least 13 years old to have an official presence on the site).

As Meredith Carroll reports over on Strollerbery, to add your bun in the oven to your Facebook page, you need to edit your profile settings: Profile>Info>Basic Information>Friends and Family>Select Relationship>Expected: Child. When the change is made, an update will be published to the public news feed letting friends revel in your happy news.

Do you plan on updating your Facebook profile to include your pregnancy or do you prefer to keep it on the down low?

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