Facing Infertility Together


There are times when it feels as though this struggle with infertility may truly get the best of me.

As a woman, there are so many things that fall squarely on my shoulders. The temping and charting, peeing on ovulation sticks, and the constant watching for early pregnancy signs often make it difficult to think of little other than trying to conceive.

And sometimes, this infertility battle truly consumes me.

Fortunately, I have a husband who keeps things in perspective and can always help me to see things rationally.

Though, at times, I want him to wallow with me for a bit, more often than not, I am grateful for his ability to pull me out of a funk.

The hope/disappointment cycle is an emotional roller coaster that I ride monthly and I sometimes wonder how he can stay so constant…so certain that things will be okay.

He’s right. I know he’s right. And I’m so incredibly grateful that we’re in this together, because without him, I would surely lose all perspective.

I love that he senses where I am emotionally and knows if I need to just to talk, but also recognizes when I need the distraction of a nice dinner and a glass (or two) of wine.

It is in those moments that I am reminded that I’m not in this alone. He is there…always.

And my gratitude is immeasurable.

What an amazing thing love is.