Farewell to Babble

A new baby's coming soon...time to step back!

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting, and busy, few months!

But now my time at Babble has come to an end.  I’m anticipating the birth of my third baby anyday now, I’m planning to start homeschooling my older kids this fall, I’m working to build my personal blog some more….  Something had to go, and this is it!  Playing super-mom who can do it all isn’t as important to me as making my family a true priority as they need more of my attention.

And so, after today, you will not see me here anymore!

If you’re curious to know when my baby comes, or anything else, I encourage you to come and follow me on Modern Alternative Mama.  I’ll still be taking on pregnancy topics from time to time.  I’ll share my birth story, once baby arrives.  And of course all the recipes and natural health and real food stuff I usually do!  I truly love blogging there.

I also wanted to mention my newest project, Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts.  It’s a cookbook of healthy desserts!  It even contains a lot of grain-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free (using honey) options.  It’s coming sometime in August and it’s part of what’s keeping me so busy right now.  I write and release cookbooks every 3 – 4 months, which is a lot of recipe testing, writing, and editing.

I’ve enjoyed the experience of learning more about blogging while here, and will miss the opportunity to discuss pregnancy topics.  But, just as I’m feeling ready to move on from pregnancy personally (I hope to meet my baby as soon as s/he is ready!), I’m ready to move on from being a “pregnancy blogger” too.  (I’m not much of a “mommy blogger” really either!)

So, thanks to my readers, and farewell!  I hope to see some of you at Modern Alternative Mama, where I will definitely finish out my pregnancy journey and birth story!

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