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Fascinating Twin Ultrasound Images From Around The Web

By Monica Bielanko |

Sharing so much with another human being from the very moment of your existence.

Twins have a unique bond that most of us will never entirely understand.

Can you imagine sharing the same womb? Wait, not just sharing the same womb, the same amniotic sac. Since the very beginning of existence your limbs entwined with the limbs of another…

This month I am suddenly fascinated by ultrasound photos. Probably because I really got to looking at a bunch of them when I created this slideshow that includes some of the most fascinating 4D ultrasound images from around the internet. The photos just blew me away. Click on over, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course I’ve been aware of the 4D ultrasound technology, but my doctor didn’t have that in his office and I just didn’t feel like dragging my enormous pregnant body down to one of the private companies that empty your bank account and ask you to name the baby after them, just to get a glimpse at your kid in 4D. What I’m saying is I looked into it once and that 4D business is expensive.

So really, this is the first time I’ve really taken a good long look at 4D sonograms. I’ve just spent the past hour staring at these images of twins. Twins are on a whole other level.  They’re almost kind of creepy with their ability to nearly read each others’ minds but, after you’ve seen these photos you’ll understand why they’re the way they are.  It’s just amazing.  Twins have a relationship with another human being the rest of us will never be able to experience.  Marriage doesn’t even come close to what twins have.

I think you’ll notice a lot of these images of twins have one thing in common, one very cool thing that twins do in the womb. Check it out after the jump:


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Fascinating Twin Ultrasounds From Around The Web

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8 thoughts on “Fascinating Twin Ultrasound Images From Around The Web

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’ve always wanted twins. These are so special, how amazing is it to have someone that you really remember on a cellular level? So crazy.

  2. Sarah says:

    Identical twins CAN have separate placentas and separate sacs. The earlier the egg splits, the less they share (eg: separate sacs/placentas). The later the egg splits, the more they share (eg: shared sacs/placentas, even may end up conjoined.) That is a very big misconception that identical twins must share a sac. In fact, the nearly retired family doctor that checked out our twins after they were born told us they were fraternal because they had their own sacs, but I had done my research and knew better… the only way to tell for sure is a DNA test. We had one done and they were identical as I suspected. We still wonder how many families that old doctor had told they had fraternal twins when they were really identical. LOL.

  3. autumn says:

    I’m currently pregnant with twins and I loved your previous post with all the 4D photos, but this one is FANTASTIC. Of course all of a sudden I’m of the opinion that all things twin are pretty amazing. We have seen our babies 4 times by ultrasound already and I’m only in my 13th week. Ours are in different sacs, so they don’t get the full-on interaction that twins in the same sac get, but it’s fascinating to watch them. Usually one is asleep and the other is jumping all around. God help me when they get big and do that – I may have broken ribs.

  4. Erin says:

    OMG OMG I am in love with those pictures. I can’t imagine anything harder that could happen to my life right now than to get pregnant with twins, but for some reason lately its all I can think about and its suddenly all over the blogs and twitter feeds I read. I am in love with those photos; I have never seen twin ultrasounds before. I need to forget this post exists now or I’ll just come stare at twin pictures. Is it being 32? Do all women’s bodies do this to them?

  5. Gdoggma says:

    @ Sarah you are so right!
    @ Autumn…even though they may not seem interactive w one another at 13 weeks, just wait! At 23 weeks the U/S tech took great photos of mine (both in seperate sacs) full-on spooning, nestling head to head, body to body, legs wrapping legs. That 2 sac thing doesn’t keep them from having an amazing emotional and physical relationship from the get-go! And watch all those ultrasounds for personalities…you will see on the outside just what you see on the inside…AMAZING! A true blessing! A true gift!

  6. jessica punk rock momma says:

    im an identical twin and i am so glad i found this page. They did not have 4d ultrasounds when i was conceived and my mom did not know she was having twins till the end of her 8th month so we dont have any twin ultrasound pictures. These pictures are so cute and i can only imagine what me and my sister were doing inside moms belly.

  7. babykisses11 says:

    I love these! I love looking at ultrasound pictures. I would love to have a 4D one done so I can see my little sons face instead of the bone structure! I’m thinking that in the last photo the one baby has their feet in the others face. So cute! I wanted twins. I though it would be cute to see them all tucked in there together!

  8. That last one is not kissing of the hands–it’s a kick to the face! I would love to have twins, but I would be paranoid about what they’re doing to one another in there! lol

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