Father's Day: 7 Ways My Husband Is The Best!

I don’t care how long you’ve been together or how close your relationship is, until you see him raising a child, you don’t know the part of your partner that is a father. Sure, we all look at our men speculatively early on in relationships and wonder how they’d be with kids but even watching a guy interact with his nieces and nephews won’t prepare you for the heart-melting reality of seeing your husband become someone’s dad. It’s like unlocking a whole part of his soul that was tucked away until the moment he first held your baby in his arms.

My husband is truly magical with children. There’s just something about his calm demeanor that attracts and relaxes kids instantly. I guessed that he would be a wonderful father but had no idea how right I was until our son was born. I swear you could see the bond spring up between them during those first days of C’s life as they cuddled in an awful chair in the hospital. They’ve only grown closer in the four years since then. As I type this, they’re sharing the last moments before bedtime, chatting and reading stories and being two guys hanging out in the evening.

In honor of Father’s Day (and because I like to brag about my amazing husband) I want to share a few of the things he did during my pregnancies and when C was a newborn.

  • Can You Hear Me Now? 1 of 7
    Can You Hear Me Now?
    C was born during college football bowl season. Any hardcore fan is blanching a bit right now at the thought of missing a title game due to a birth and I include myself in that description. I'm still disappointed that I slept through my alma mater's bowl game because I was two days post-partum. Then again, they lost soooo…Anyway, my husband liked to spend weekends at a sports bar watching conference games but his favorite bar had lousy cell reception. He switched bars to make sure he was reachable in case I went into labor during a game.
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  • Birth Class Clown 2 of 7
    Birth Class Clown
    You know how there's always one person in a birth class who gets uncontrollable giggles during a breathing exercise and looks like an ass while distracting the whole class? Yeah, that was me. As I snorted on the floor while I was supposed to be pretending to be mid-contraction, my husband kept counting quietly. Not only did he show that same kind of focus during actual labor, he also never mocked me for being the Birth Class Clown.
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  • Feeding My Addiction 3 of 7
    Feeding My Addiction
    I'm a non-stop reader. You will almost never find a time when I'm not reading a book in my spare moments. But after having C, I didn't have the attention span for books or even newspapers. Instead, I got my literary fix by reading celebrity gossip rags. They helped relax me in those wacky first weeks when nothing was normal. My husband would bring home new issues every time he went out to the store or coffee shop during his paternity leave because he knew catching up on the latest Who Wore It Best features would make me happy.
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  • Midnight Feeding 4 of 7
    Midnight Feeding
    I started pumping early on to get a freezer stash built up for when I returned to work. We also introduced bottles about the same time so C would be prepared for daycare. As a result, my husband was taking a feeding or two every day anyway and he stepped up to do the one at midnight. I would go to bed and he'd stay up to give C his bottle. The two of them would sit on the living room couch with soccer on the tv and have their guy time, as he called it. My husband loved those quiet times with the baby and talks about it to this day. He's already looking forward to doing the same with this baby.
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  • Clean Up Patrol 5 of 7
    Clean Up Patrol
    During this pregnancy, my husband has really stepped up his toddler wrangling efforts. From the moment he walks into the door until bedtime, he's the Dad on Duty so I can rest after day of being a pregnant mom to a never-still ball of energy. One of the things he's totally taken over is the evening clean-up of the playroom. That may sound minor, but I am so grateful to be spared the heartburn-inducing task of bending to pick up toys on the floor.
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  • Weekend Warrior 6 of 7
    Weekend Warrior
    Through no fault of his own, the weeks leading up to the birth of this baby are among the busiest he's had all year at work. Even though the action at his office is non-stop and he is running all over town to different meetings all week, he is truly heroic on the weekends. Our son is a high-energy, athletic little guy and my husband gamely takes him out swimming, golfing, to the park to shoot hoops or out to play tennis. They are literally out and about for hours on end so I can rest and when they come home? They bring me Slurpees.
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  • Baby Whisperer 7 of 7
    Baby Whisperer
    Like I said before, something about my husband's calm demeanor is immediately soothing to children. I've seen him pick up my friend's inconsolable 1 year old daughter only to have her instantly stop crying and rest her head sweetly on his shoulder until her mommy returned. Not impressed? It was the first time the little girl had ever seen him. Yeah. He is an invaluable asset when a baby needs to be soothed to sleep. He would step in to cuddle C off to dreamland at any hour of the day and he's planning to do the same this time around. And a soothed baby means a soothed mommy too.
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