Father's Day + The Commercial That Always Makes Me Cry


vintage photo of father and baby As I’m sure you’re aware of, Father’s Day is this Sunday. While Mother’s Day seems to be a sort of dreaded holiday with those struggling with infertility, I think Father’s Day is often forgotten. This may be because many people associate infertility as being a women’s problem although that idea is completely false. It affects men just as much as women, they just don’t express it the same way.

I know that my husband wants to be a father just as much as I want to be a mother. I’m not sure what he’ll be feeling this Father’s Day. I’m sure he’ll be reflecting on the fathers in his life and their examples. I’m sure he’ll be reflecting on his desire to be a father. I’m sure it will remind him of our infertility and it might not be the sunniest of days.

Please remember these men on Sunday. Not in a way that will make them uncomfortable or embarrassed, just by simply expressing you’re thinking of them and you love them. They need the boost just as much as us women do.

Speaking of fathers, please tell me I’m not the only one who bawls at this commercial every time it comes on.

image: Life