Favorite Prenatal Recipes


Here are my five favorite prenatal recipes, filled with lots of pregnancy perks and good enough for the entire family to enjoy!

Breakfast Banana Split: It is just delish. Don’t believe me? Head over to The Kitchn for the super-easy recipe. My bet is you’ll be making it everyday! Perk: Blueberries are the richest fruit in antioxidants.

Fruit & Walnut Oatmeal: Knock off one of McDonald’s only good recipes. Chunks of apples, walnuts, and raisins all mixed with oatmeal. Yum! Perfect for any time of the day. Need a recipe? Try this one from Eat Clean Diet.



Organic Beef Tacos: I can’t get enough of the budget organic recipe from Deliciously Organic. Super easy too! Perk: Beef provides vitamin b12, which is known to be essential to your baby’s brain development.


Bring on another recipe filled with the richest antioxidants. The lovely site With Style & Grace shares the perfect recipe: Fresh Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice. Carrots are another veggie you can’t get enough of during pregnancy, or anytime.

Saag Paneer: Known as curried spinach and cheese, it combines two of the best pregnancy foods. Spinach is loaded with iron, which fights anemia as well as fatigue. The cheese provides calcium, vital for you and your baby’s bone health. Thanks to Pinterest, I found this awesome recipe.

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