Finding Out the Gender: I'm Letting You Decide for Me!


In seven days, we have the big ultrasound where we can find out the gender of this little guy or gal, if we so chose.

These days, if you wait and don’t find out at the ultrasound, you are totally in the minority. I’m honestly one of the only people I know that have actually waited! Or maybe I just hang out with a bunch of impatient people.

We’ve never found out before, and for some reason this just feels like the most colossal decision of all time!

I’ve already said how I’m crossing my fingers that this baby  is a boy, and maybe now that I’ve admitted that, I’m too scared to actually find out. But mark my word, not one single bone in my body could ever feel disappointment if this child is a girl. I do love me some light pink and lace.

Guess what? I’ve decided to let you make this decision for me.I’ve set up a poll.

I’ve included my laundry list of pro’s and con’s, pleading my case.

I’m far too indecisive, and I just want somebody to make this decision for me.

Dear internet, help me out. Take the poll, majority rules.

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