First Pregnant Woman Makes Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List


Samantha Cameron, wife of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, is the first (visibly) pregnant woman to appear in the coveted  Best Dressed List in Vanity Fair Magazine. Cameron, or “Sam Cam” , as those nickname-lovin’ Brits like to call her, is known for her if fashionable style.  She’s carried these luxurious, refined looks straight through her pregnancy.

Some critics suggest that her style is way too safe to make her a true trendsetter, which is what this list purports to be about. Or that the list itself is of questionable value, due to the inherent lack of style of Americans in general.

“Put it this way. Americans have never exactly been fashion’s boat-rockers.”

This piece in the London Telegraph deconstructs the situation and the British First Lady’s style, saying  “Vanity Fair’s espousal of Cameron as one of the international best-dressed women reverberates like a consolation prize, akin to your Gran saying she loves the way you dress, if you like. Not particularly cool.”

The author goes on to laud Cameron for rising to the challenge of dressing with an expanding belly. It’s pregnancy, she says, that brought her style to another level, showing her ability to appear tailored and stylish through the transition.

I’d still rather see Lady Gaga’s maternity fashion. (But she probably shouldn’t get pregnant until she stops being afraid of babies.)

photo: Solarpix / PR Photos

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