Fish Oil May Prevent Postpartum Depression Symptoms


fish oil postpatrum depressionWould you add fish oil to your daily pregnancy vitamin and supplement routine if you knew it could possibly prevent postpartum depression symptoms?

New research out of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing shows that women who took fish oil supplements during pregnancy had fewer symptoms of postpartum depression than women who took placebo. The study began with the pregnant women starting the study at 24 weeks pregnant and continuing fish oil thru the birth of their child.

In addition to potentially preventing postpartum depression, fish oil potentially helps with lower cholesterol, reducing inflammation and improving brain function.

A recent CDC survey suggests that between 11 and 18 percent of new mothers suffer from symptoms associated with postpartum depression.

As a mom who has twice battled postpartum depression, this is definitely something I will be asking my OBGYN about.

Did You Suffer From Postpartum Depression?