UPDATE: 12 Year Old Who Delivered Baby On School Field Trip - Her FATHER Suspected As Baby's Daddy


baby delivers babyIt’s a SICK twisted world we live in.

Last week, I blogged on the 12 year old who delivered a baby while on a school trip. This was disturbing enough, as she nor her parents knew she was even pregnant. Or did they? (Or at least 1 of them.)

Today it’s been revealed that the 12 year old girl’s father has been arrested suspected of abusing impregnating her.

Prosecutors say there are “serious suspicions” the 52-year-old man abused his daughter, resulting in her pregnancy.

The arrest Tuesday added another shocking twist to a case that already had stunned the nation when news emerged last month that the girl gave birth during a school trip without having realized she was pregnant.

Sick. Twisted. Innocence Gone.

Pray for this baby, and her baby.

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