Free ECards For Valentines Day: The Lazy Person's Valentine's Day Solution


There was once a time when I might have thought free e-cards for Valentine’s Day were kind of lame. Come on, an e-card for Valentine’s Day? The holiday when you’re supposed to be showing your LOVE? What a cop-out.

But that was before I had kids.

I can’t even remember what I did on Valentine’s Day when I was pregnant. But I can promise you, it wasn’t much. I’m not saying my husband dropped the ball; he probably rose to the occasion with a bunch of sweet, romantic gestures. And I probably shot them down, complaining about feeling sick, tired or otherwise unable to get into the Valentine’s mood. Do I feel bad about it? Nope.

Well, maybe a little.
Before I got pregnant, I used to make handpainted cards for every family and friendly occasion. My cards were legendary, and still grace the walls and bedstands of a few recipients. But once i got pregnant? Forget it. Which is why i think a free ecard is the perfect Valentines Day solution.

So if you’re finding yourself staring down the barrel of the Valentine’s Day gun with no sweets in sight, I suggest you take advantage of this low-stress option, and feel zero guilt about it. When you’re pregnant, it can be all you can do to receive a Valentine gracefully, much less put a lot of effort into sending one.