15 Fun Ways to Tell You're Pregnant...AGAIN!

Those who have been pregnant more than once know what I’m talking about.  Although I, personally, tried for all my babies, I have several friends for whom subsequent babies were…a surprise.  It was, “We wanted another but…um…not quite yet.  SURPRISE!”

And of course, things aren’t quite the same on subsequent times around.  Things don’t stay neatly tucked in and secret for months; things change fast.  And so now…fun ways to know that you’re pregnant…again!

1) You go to change your child’s diaper…and accidentally throw up.

2) Your toddler pokes your belly and says…”Hey, there’s a baby in there!” (while you laugh weakly and think about that night about 10 days ago when you weren’t so careful)

3) You notice that your stomach is poking out again…even though you just lost all the baby weight

4) Your child is sleeping through the night, but suddenly you are exhausted like when he wasn’t and you can’t figure out why.

5) You start to get dressed, but suddenly your pants don’t fit.  For no apparent reason.

6) Your toddler jumping and hanging you all day suddenly makes you want to scream.

7) You can’t get babies out of your brain.  Even though you’re totally not having one now.

8) You are starving…but everything looks disgusting, especially whatever your toddler is eating.

9) If you have to hear the Wiggles theme song one more time, you are going to lose it, because it is giving you a massive headache.

10) Suddenly you’re peeing more than your toddler does

11) Your husband does a double-take and says, “Whoa, did your breasts get bigger?” but you didn’t even notice.  (And you don’t believe him.)

12) A stranger asks, “So when are you due?” and you just give them a weird look and walk away.

13) Your husband is sure you are acting rather crazy…unusually so.  But you don’t believe him about that, either.

14) You have such a strong craving hit that you break rule #1 and wake your toddler during nap to go get it.

15) You take a pregnancy test and laugh maniacally…no, not yet!!

How did you find out you were pregnant…again?

Top image by omninate

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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