Fuzzibunz Diaper Sale - Buy 6 Get 2 Free!


We already told you about the Bum Genius deal going on right now – how about a Fuzzibunz deal too?

If you aren’t already a fan of Fuzzibunz, you will be one you get your hands on these diapers. I canot wait for my little one to arrive and begin my first foray into cloth diapering with all in one diapers (the last time I cloth diapered it was in 2002 and let’s just say I did not do well with the chinese prefolds and covers. at all).  The fact that there are now such beautiful and WELL WORKING all in one diapers makes my heart go pitter pat. I already use cloth pads myself for lady times, so I know I’ll adore wrapping my wee one in these beautiful soft diapers.  So how can you score a bunch of free diapers?

The deal is, purchase any 6 Fuzzibunz diapers from any retailer and you’ll get two free – one solid print, one mystery print (you can specify gender). Really, that’s it! The offer is good even if you’re buying more, i.e. if you buy 12 you get 4 free, 18 you get 6 free! A really great way to add to or purchase your stash!

This deal is well laid out over at Diaper Junction, but you can purchase the dipes anywhere to get this deal. It runs until September 30, 2011  Happy shopping!