Geeky Parents-To-Be REJOICE! A Way To Secure Your Baby's Social Media Memories...


It’s 2011 and if you are like most parents, you’ll be sharing (or are sharing) all of your pregnancy, parenting, and children’s milestones on facebook and twitter…..or maybe that’s just me.

I never had a baby book or a journal (at least one that I updated with any frequency–or AT ALL).  But I can guarantee that all milestones, various “cute stuffs”, and pictures were uploaded, status’ed, and posted to facebook and/or twitter (and sometimes YouTube).    This doesn’t make me a bad parent, just a geeky one.  Social media was also where the majority of “Congratulations” and well wishing occurred and I would be DEVASTATED to lose those memories and messages.

The good news is, that there is now a secure (and searchable) way to save your memories!  Learn more about my recent discovery after the jump.

We [hopefully] back-up our computers, websites, and pictures.  Now you can back-up your social media profiles as well!  This excites me.

SocialSafe downloads and backs up your online social life to create a beautiful offline, private & searchable, digital journal.

They currently only offer the service for facebook and twitter but are currently working on LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube.  The  $3.49-6.99 fee seems like a really small price to pay from the peace of mind knowing that your digital memories are safe.

Do you use social media to stay connected and update friends and family about your baby or pregnancy?

Photo Credits: Randy Zhang,