Get Pink's Pregnant AMA Red Carpet Look


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When it comes to maternity wear, there are many different styles and silhouettes — some more flattering than others. While at one time it was considered appropriate for women to hide their bumps in oversized moo-moos, it’s now considered better to show off your growing belly in a body-hugging design.

But what about that in-between period of your pregnancy, when you start gaining a little weight but your belly hasn’t popped quite yet? Pink’s pregnancy photos from the American Music Awards Red Carpet is the perfect solution. Pink chose to wore a loose, flowing black dress cinched above her growing belly.

If you have a special event coming up, here’s how you can steal Pinks pregnancy look:

Isabella Oliver, $299

A Pea in a Pod, $148

Olian Maternity, $148

A Pea in a Pod, $79.99

As for Pink’s American Music Awards 2010 performance outfit:

Yeah, you’re on your own.

Pink Pregnancy Photos: Socialite Life

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