Girl Scout Cookie Coma


All this talk about girl scout cookies in the past month has really geared up my craving for a box… or twelve.

I have been so good during this pregnancy with my diet since I am desperately trying to avoid gestational diabetes again, but battling with these kidney stones has also done a horrid number on my appetite. I don’t want anything to eat… I am forcing myself to eat for the fetus, and praying that I don’t get sick a couple hours later when the pain returns again.

Although today, the only thing I can think about is girl scout cookies… that is all I want to eat, and its not like I can just run out to the store and buy them… Heck I won’t even be able to get some of my favorite kinds since they are cutting back.

If I had a choice right now, I would be laying in bed, with a dozen boxes of girl scout cookies, a bottle of water, or three… and I would be in a total sugar coma.

No joke…

Someone send me some girl scout cookies before I try to eat the picture on my monitor.