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Gisele Bundchen Says Breastfeeding Should Be the Law

By ceridwen |

I totally agree, as long as there are some attendant statutes requiring all women be supermodels married to super bowl-winning quarterbacks.

Think of the wonderful time we’d all have, just like Gisele’s recent experience, celebrating the joys and sensations of pregnancy and newborn care in supreme celebrity comfort, feeling so good about our organically-fed, water-birthed baby as the fresh hind milk burbles up and your sexy, hall of fame husband cuddles you and the tot. Damn right this should be the law!

And the world where every woman was by law a supermodel married to studly but sensitive gridiron field general would be a vibrant and egalitarian one. No mother would have to scrimp for a pricey pump, scramble for breaks in the day — whether back to work or doing the work of home –to extract the milky goodness. Moreover, we wouldn’t have to deal with those incredibly important, but let’s face it,  truly boring and unsexy issues like better parental leave options, more access for poor women to decent lactation support, wide-spread education about breastfeeding and nutrition in general, and support for working moms who want to breastfeed. Ugh. I’m about to throw up and fall asleep at the same time just thinking about those topics.

No, if Gisele’s amazing idea is made law, we’ll all just be breastfeeding and doing all those supermodely things we can only imagine, and often do. And for the women who still decide to use formula, maybe because their tiny supermodel breasts just don’t produce enough milk, well, that’s what we have prisons for.

Seriously, I don’t mean to be harsh, because the fact is Gisele is talking about things I really believe in, but when people in privileged positions make sweeping, ill-informed statements like that, which don’t take into account the complexities of the issue for rest of us, it can do serious damage to the cause of making breastfeeding an acceptable and shame-free option for American mothers.

So, I am with you in spirit, Gisele, but not in word. Say it better next time.

Photo: Gabriel Marchi/Flickr

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13 thoughts on “Gisele Bundchen Says Breastfeeding Should Be the Law

  1. virginia skidmore says:

    How dare you gisele, to think you have the right to ask that breast feeding be made the law I chose not to breastfeed my three children, and they grew up to be very healthy.Just because you are a model, dont think everybody pays attention to what you have to say.

  2. beanball says:

    Well said.

  3. Lucky says:

    Hey- my tiny breasts make enough milk for a small country. So if any of those supermodels run out from refusing to eat… I got ‘em covered. ;-)

  4. PlumbLucky says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinions I suppose, and just because she’s paid to be a pretty face, her opinion is worth only as much as any other person’s would be.
    LOL @ the tiny breasts…that was my Grandma’s comment to one of my sisters (as in, “boy, I dont’ know how you can milk enough milk with those things but your kids are HUGE so they must be!”. Eh, you’d have to know our Grandma…)

  5. laura says:

    Yes, well said. I breastfed for 9mo and it was the hardest thing I ever did. It doesn’t come easily to everyone. I felt enough pressure and guilt that I couldn’t be one of those, “this is so natural and perfect” moms. This is the last thing I needed. I’m hoping it goes better this second time around, but I wish I could make some of these moms walk in my shoes (see what I went through, feel the pain that I felt, get the infection I got) and THEN be so dictatorial. I think we should encourage, I think we should support, and I think we should cut moms a lot of slack and respect their unique situations and experiences.


    She is a total idiot for saying this!!!! I am tired of her opionions, she thinks she is gods gift to motherhood!

  7. Stopthemommywars says:

    It doesn’t even matter if you agree with what she’s saying or not about breastfeeding, home birth, organic food, etc. The point is, she is just unbelievably obnoxious for assuming that because something has worked for her as a parent, it should be required for everyone.

  8. jen says:

    didn’t she only breastfeed for 3 weeks??????

  9. Amanda says:

    Mountains out of mole hills…

  10. HPQT says:

    What an egomaniacal twat. Perhaps she should stick to breast feeding Tom “the dimwit” Brady and shut her useless trap, she’s pregnant once and she thinks she’s mother of the year. Jeeeez, with these two geniuses as parents, it’s a good thing the kid will at least have money.

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  12. cameroan says:

    I don’t see why so many women got all worked up to be honest. lol I mean I dont agree with every celebrity out there either….heck I dont even agree with my presidents half the time! Its called an opinion!!!! She is being interviewed aka giving your “views”. Why people get over worked about a Supermodels comments is beyond me. Like she could change anything, lol. She was simply stating her opinion on breastfeeding (which I do agree with) Its her way of speaking. Watch her live interviews…she is very un-literal. chillax moms. Gisele isn’t going to knock your door down with the police anytime soon.

  13. SKnight says:

    For the record breast size has NOTHING to do with production if that were the case I would have made enough milk for 10 babies ( I’m a 36G) but sadly I didn’t make even enough for my own baby, so we were a combination household I nursed him as much as a could as many times a day as I could but he still needed formula. And the pain of those feedings!, I would take labor any day over it! That wasn’t my plan but that’s how it worked.

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